Exhibition of Instruments and Software

Companies operating in a broad range of behavior-related disciplines had been invited to exhibit their products at the conference. This included manufacturers of behavioral research equipment, activity monitors, microdialysis equipment, physiological sensors, biotelemetry and radio tracking systems, bat detectors, eye-tracking systems, biomechanics equipment, biofeedback systems, etc. Measuring Behavior 2000 was a great place to get up-to-date with what is on the market for modern behavioral research. The following companies were present at Measuring Behavior 2000:

Alea Solutions GmbH
SOLEASY is a customizable laboratory software package for biomedical research (EMG, ECG, goniometers, force, pressure, etc.). Benefits: user-definable structure of analysis, intuitive graphical concept, combined measurements and stimulation/control, reduction of time from experiment to publication.
Biomedical Monitoring Ltd.
Biomedial Monitoring Ltd is a spin-out company from the University of Strathclyde. It has developed data logging products designed for long term recording from a wide range of sensors attached to ambulatory subjects.
Data Sciences International
Data Sciences manufactures telemetric systems that collect and analyze physiological parameters such as blood pressure, ECG, EEG, EMG, temperature, and activity from conscious animals without the use of restraint and tethering.
Metris develops and manufactures innovative instrumentation systems for the analysis of animal behavior. Products include GATEWATCH and LABORAS. At the conference LABORAS, a system for automatic behavior detection in small rodents will be demonstrated.
Noldus Information Technology
Noldus Information Technology develops software and instrumentation for recording and analyzing human or animal behavior. Besides standard software packages, Noldus also provides integrated data acquisition and analysis systems, including PCs and various sorts of audiovisual equipment, as well as complete observational laboratories. At the conference, ongoing demonstrations will be given of the latest versions of all available products, including The Observer, EthoVision, UltraVox, MatMan and the Video Course in Behavioural Observation. Special attention will be given to EthoVision 2.0 for Windows and the beta version of The Observer 5.0.
SensoMotoric Instruments
SensoMotoric Instruments, founded in 1991, designs, develops and distributes video-based eye tracking systems for a wide range of applications such as psychology, neurology, reading, cognition, marketing research and human-computer interaction. More than 300 systems are installed worldwide.
Sentient Machine Research
Sentient Machine Research, founded in 1990, develops adaptive software that can predict and perceive. Some example applications for prediction: risk identification in care management, decision support for diagnoses (CVA patients). Perception focuses on video content: smart key frame extraction, motion segmentation, motion classification, object tracking, face recognition and face-expression classification.
Somedic Sales AB
Somedic develops, manufactures and markets innovative instruments for physiology and pharmacology. At the conference we will demonstrate how to assess sensory functions, including pain, and a new system for determination of metabolic functions in unrestrained animals.
Tracksys Ltd
Tracksys Ltd are the distributors of Noldus Information Technology and SensoMotoric Instruments in the UK and Ireland. They integrate a variety of products, many of which are designed in-house, to provide complete research solutions. These solutions include the use of eye-trackers, night and remote site 12-volt video systems, wireless video transmission equipment, infra-red lights and infra-red mazes for studying transgenic mice.
Data acquisition and analysis "Powerlab", force, pressure, displacement and other transducers and amplifiers for the measurement of physiological parameters.


Last updated: 3 July 2001