The Mutant Mice Behavior Network

The non-profit MMB-network was founded after the consensus conference "Behavioral Phenotyping of Mouse Mutants", February 2000, Cologne, Germany as a forum to present and discuss all topics dealing with the behavioral phenotyping of mice. So far more than 40 experts in that research area signed up to join the network. A mailing list as a discussion forum for all phenotyping-related topics, like breeding, housing or testing was established. One major aim of the network is to develop a database with detailed descriptions of the behavioral testing itself and all background parameters that might influence the animal's behavior. Most scientific publications do not include this information but detailed descriptions are the basis for the reproduction of test methods and for the comparison of published data. For that purpose it is necessary to discuss which parameters should be present within this database.

Aim of the meeting
The SIG was an ideal opportunity for MMB-members to continue the discussion about these parameters and to reach a wide range of people that might be interested in joining the network. The SIG complemented the conference session "Behavioral Phenotyping of Rats and Mice" organized by Wim Crusio, who is also a member of the MMB network. More information on the MMB network is available on www.medizin.uni-koeln.de/mmb-network/index.html.

Meeting program

  1. Short presentation of the network.
  2. Presentation of the parameters already selected for inclusion in the database.
  3. Discussion about further parameters.
  4. Discussion about the network contents.

Saskia S. Arndt and David Surjo, Cognitive Neurobiology, Department of Anatomy II, University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany

Last updated: 1 November 2000