Technical Training

Technical training and assistance in the use of software
and instrumentation for behavioral research

Measuring Behavior conferences offer participants the unique chance to benefit from the expertise of Noldus engineers and consultants with regard to software and instrumentation for behavioral research. For instance, if you have a complex coding scheme for an observational study and find it hard to design a suitable configuration, or if you are struggling with a particular type of data analysis, you can sign up at the conference site for a personal product training.

Throughout the Measuring Behavior 2000 meeting, engineers and consultants were present to provide free assistance and training in the use of software products. For hands-on training in Noldus products, a computer room with 15 fully operational systems was set up. Technical training was available for the following products:

  • The Observer Basic - Software for collection and analysis of observational data (Base Package for Windows).
  • The Observer Mobile - Observational data collection with a handheld computer (Psion Workabout).
  • The Observer Video-Pro - Video analysis system for analog video tape, digital video tape or digital video on disk.
  • EthoVision - Video tracking system for automation of behavioral experiments (version 2.0 for Windows).
  • UltraVox - System for automatic monitoring of acoustical events (in particular ultrasonic calls).
  • MatMan - Matrix manipulation and matrix analysis software.

Last updated: 1 November 2000