Physiological Measurements: Methods and Tools

One of the exhibiting companies, ALEA Solutions GmbH, organized a workshop to instruct conference delegates in new techniques, products and equipment for behavioral research.

In this workshop, participants learned methods for measurement and analysis of physiological data and got hints for dealing with small signals, artifacts, noise and large files in signals like EMG, ECG, force, pressure, angles, etc.

Additional topics included:
- combined measurement and stimulation
- event triggering
- latency investigation
- automation of measurement and processing routines
- importance of wiring to prevent from ground-loops
- human safety aspects

Different aspects were presented using a customizable laboratory software package for biomedical research (SOLEASY), which is both powerful and easy to understand due to its intuitive graphical concept.

Peter Knapp and Lars Jensen, ALEA Solutions GmbH, Zürich, Switzerland

Last updated: 1 November 2000