After successful meetings in Utrecht (1996), Groningen (1998), Nijmegen (2000), Amsterdam (2002), Wageningen (2005), the 6th Measuring Behavior conference was held in Maastricht (The Netherlands) from 26 - 29 August.

The conference was a great success. Over 425 delegates from 42 countries enjoyed four intensive days, with 211 presentations in 11 symposia, 15 free paper sessions, 12 tutorials, 2 special interest groups, 3 user meetings, 2 workshops, 4 poster groups with 83 posters, 8 scientific tours, and a panel discussion! Besides that, delegates visited demonstrations of 17 exhibiting companies and could enjoy Maastricht and surroundings during 2 social events.

The presentations of the keynote speakers are now online: David Wolfer, Patrick Bateson and Gregory Abowd.

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  • Photo Gallery - The Measuring Behavior 2008 Photo Gallery gives you a good impression of the atmosphere during the conference. Have a look at the photos or watch the movie to get a taste of Measuring Behavior 2008!

  • Conference Program at a Glance - An overview of all conference activities, organized by day.

  • Presentations: Index by Author - An overview of all oral presentations, posters and demonstrations, ordered alphabetically by first author, with links to the abstracts.

  • Publications - Measuring Behavior 2008 offers several publication opportunities to presenters of oral papers, posters, and demonstrations.

  • Oral Presentations - Talks were grouped in either Special Symposia or free paper sessions.

  • Scientific Tours - Eight research facilities in and around Maastricht offered guided tours to conference delegates.

  • Special Interest Groups - The place to be for in-depth discussions on specific methodological or technical topics.

  • Tutorials - Tutorials provided a valuable opportunity to instruct participants of in specific methods, techniques and equipment for behavioral research.

  • User Meetings - These sessions included presentations about new developments, demonstrations of new products and a panel discussion.

  • Workshops - Workshops were a new program element for Measuring Behavior. Workshops are interactive discussions about specific aspects of measuring techniques.

  • Exhibition - Seventeen companies participated in an exhibition of instruments and software.

  • Social Program - The program included various informal occasions where one met colleagues while enjoying haute cuisine!

  • Conference Venue - Information about the conference sites and the city of Maastricht.

  • Conference Organization - Scientific Program Committee and Local Organizing Committee.

  • The Measuring Behavior Conferences - Measuring Behavior 2008 was the sixth in a series. Read about the background and the concept behind the conferences.

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