EthoVision - Noldus Information Technology


In this session, users of the EthoVision video tracking system learned about the latest product developments, exchanged experiences with other users, and discussed future development, desired product features, etc.

Meeting program

  1. EthoVision for Windows: a new video tracking system for automation of behavioral experiments (by Ruud Tegelenbosch).

  2. Color tracking: theoretical background and new algorithms, including demonstration (by Andrew Spink).

  3. Case studies presented by users of EthoVision. This will focus on color tracking, as applied with pigs, rats and/or fish. Special emphasis will be placed on the type of tests EthoVision is being used for, how to mark the animals, which colors to use, lighting conditions (position, intensity, spectral quality), type of camera, and any specific problems users might face.

  4. Discussion about possible new developments for EthoVision. Topics will include: digital video, round-the-clock monitoring with changing background and illumination, experiment control (e.g. control of external apparatus by EthoVision), and new parameters for track analysis.

Ruud Tegelenbosch, Noldus Information Technology b.v., Wageningen, The Netherlands

Last updated: 1 November 2000