The Observer - Noldus Information Technology

In this session, users of The Observer learned about the latest product developments, exchanged experiences with other users, and discussed future development, desired product features, etc.

Meeting program

  1. Automatic production of video compilations with The Observer Video-Pro (by Hans Theuws).

  2. Case studies presented by users of The Observer, coming from different research disciplines.

  3. Preview of the new version of The Observer, with explanation of new functionality and software demonstration (by Rudie Trienes).

  4. Training people how to use The Observer, presentation of a users manual for The Observer (by Martha McNee, Pharmacia Corporation).

  5. Discussion about possible directions for new developments which we consider for The Observer. Topics may include:
    • Support of direct input of multiple video signals in The Observer Video-Pro.
    • Integration of measurement, visualization and analysis of physiological signals, for example to acquire heart rates, temperatures, ECG, EMG, EEG etc. together with observational data, video and audio.
    • Possibilities offered by the use of The Internet, for example remote access of video files or collaborative use of The Observer at distant locations. This enables parties to observe and score the same video simultaneously from different locations, or to analyze the information gathered with The Observer at remote locations.
    • In research applications which require the analysis of locations of subjects, scoring the location of subjects or test persons as a 'state' could be done using a 'map' of an area, in which spatial zones can be drawn. This can be, for example, the lay out of a supermarket for analyzing movements of customers, or a bitmap of the dashboard of a car for ergonomics research.
    • Hardware related developments, such as the support of DV with FireWire.

Hans Theuws, Noldus Information Technology b.v., Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Last updated: 1 November 2000