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Instruments and Software

Companies operating in a broad range of behavior-related disciplines had been invited to exhibit their products at the conference. This included publishers of scientific books and journals, as well as manufacturers of behavioral research equipment, activity monitors, microdialysis equipment, physiological sensors, biotelemetry and radio tracking systems, bat detectors, eye-tracking systems, biomechanics equipment, biofeedback systems, etc. Measuring Behavior ’98 was a great place to get up-to-date with what is on the market for modern behavioral research. The following companies were present at Measuring Behavior '98:

Cambridge Electronic Design
Data acquisition, analysis and experimental control for Windows, DOS and Macintosh systems using the powerful 1401 family of laboratory interfaces. Specialist applications include intracellular and extracellular physiology, behavioral studies, EEG, EMG, ECG and teaching systems.
Cambridge University Press
Cambridge University Press publishes a wide range of titles for behavioral scientists, from student handbooks to research works. Conference delegates can order key titles at 20% discount.
Cognitron GmbH is a small company specialized in innovative real-time and network computing applications. Cogitat is a new product line, specially designed for pharmacological and genetic studies in the field of neuroscience. It is an absolutely non-invasive and not burdening method and allows the investigation of mechanisms involved in learning, in memory-related phenomena and solving complex problems by rodents.
Data Sciences International
Data Sciences provides complete systems for monitoring and collecting data from conscious, freely moving laboratory animals. The parameters monitored include: blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, ECG, EEG, activity, left ventricular pressure, and respiration rate. We also provide non telemetered blood flow systems.
The Eurospan group is Europe's premier independent distributor of books and journals, representing a distinguished portfolio of US publishers.
Green Dino Virtual Realities
Green Dino Virtual Realities is an engineering firm specialized in 3D simulation. Green Dino develops 3D information systems, 3D interfaces, 3D process simulators and 3D attractions. During the conference we will demonstrate the Virtual Observer, a system to measure the behavior of people in virtual environments.
Harlan produces more stocks and strains of commercially bred laboratory animals than any other company in the world. Harlan’s service to science also includes Harlan Teklad diets for a wide variety of species.
McRoberts develops the DynaPort product range. Through unsupervised, ambulatory monitoring, the DynaPort offers objective information on postures, motions and activities at any place or time. DynaPort generates outcome measures and fast accountable results.
Metris System Engineering
Metris develops and manufactures innovative instrumentation systems for the analysis of animal behavior. Products include GATEWATCH and LABORAS. At the conference LABORAS, a system for automatic behavior detection in small rodents will be demonstrated.
Noldus Information Technology
Noldus Information Technology develops software and instrumentation for recording and analyzing human or animal behavior. Besides standard software packages, Noldus also provides integrated data acquisition and analysis systems, including PCs and various sorts of audiovisual equipment, as well as complete observational laboratories. At the conference, ongoing demonstrations will be given of the latest versions of all available products, including The Observer, EthoVision, UltraVox, MatMan and the Video Course in Behavioural Observation.
Notocord Systems
Advanced software technology for signal recording, analysis and reporting. Applications in physiology, pharmacology, toxicology, isolated organs for single or multiple animal experiments. Versatile software for Microsoft Windows 95 and NT 4.0.
  O5 Technologiehandelsgesellschaft
Our company designs and sells high-precision preamplifiers, signal and impulse generators, digital data recording systems based on DAT or Hi8 video tapes usable for biophysical measurement, machine construction, material testing, acoustics and geophysics.
ProGAMMA distributes many psychological and statistical software packages. Widely used programs are Vienna Test System for computerized diagnostics, Rehacom for cognitive rehabilitation, experiment generators like MEL, ERTS and Superlab, and Carspan for cardiovascular analysis.
Psion designs, manufactures and supports rugged handheld computers and mobile enterprise systems for commercial and industrial applications. The company's product range includes the Workabout, HC and Organiser terminals, each of which is available with a wide choice of peripherals such as docking stations, in-vehicle communication devices and barcode scanners. The Workabout, the latest addition to the range, is quickly becoming the terminal of choice for developers looking for a flexible and powerful hardware platform on which to base mobile computing solutions.
Sage Publications
Sage Publications Ltd. are academic and professional publishers of books and journals for students, academics and practitioners across the social sciences.
Somedic develops, manufactures and markets instruments and systems for research and clinical work in physiology and pharmacology. We will display standard and electronic von Frey hairs, as well as thermal vibratory and mechanically induced pain stimulators of our own manufacture. We will also show telemetry systems, recorders and other types of equipment from a number of well known suppliers of high quality equipment, like GRASS Instruments, Kent Scientific and Mini-Mitter.
Syntech’s product range includes application-specific hardware and software for electrophysiological signal recording and analysis; instruments for insect behavior research based on optical, acoustical and microwave sensors; and instruments for chemoreception research for laboratory and field applications.
The Swedish company Televilt International AB has been developing, manufacturing and marketing radio telemetry and position equipment worldwide for 25 years. The RX-900 receiving system is used in different applications and environments for behavioral monitoring.
Tracksys Ltd are the distributors of Noldus Information Technology products for the UK and Ireland. Their portfolio of products for behavioural research also includes the iView eye tracking system (SensoMotoric Instruments GmbH), PCs, hand-held computers & video equipment, specialising in Infra-Red lighting and remote-site video monitoring.
Ultra Sound Advice
Custom design and manufacture of battery-powered digital/analog instrumentation, including the IGER grazing behaviour logger, and ultrasound detectors for use with the Noldus UltraVox system.
Usability Systems
Usability Systems Inc. is the leader in design and integration of usability lab systems since 1987. Simultaneous video capture and data logging with the Micro-Ulab and Usabilityware saves time, improves communications, and creates better accepted products.
Data acquisition and analysis "Maclab/Powerlab", force, pressure, displacement and other transducers and amplifiers for the measurement of physiological parameters.

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