Overview of Presentations


Behavioral Models and Test Paradigms

Oral presentations
Wednesday, August 19, 09:30-10:30, Large Lecture Room
Chair: B.M. Spruijt (Utrecht, The Netherlands)


J.A.R.A.M. van Hooff and H.C. Veenema (Utrecht, The Netherlands). Testing individual cognitive performance of group-housed long-tailed macaques using touch-screen displays.


I.H. Iversen and T. Matsuzawa (Jacksonville, FL, U.S.A.). Automated training of line drawing and object movement (in fingermaze and sorting tasks) on a touch-sensitive monitor in captive chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes).


Coffee break

Poster presentations and demonstrations
Wednesday, August 19, 15:00-18:00


W.H.I.M. Drinkenburg, R. Roobol, A.B. Keith, A. Sahgal and J.S. Andrews (Newhouse, United Kingdom). A novel nine-choice serial reaction time paradigm in rats: effects of nicotine on tritated performance.


O.B. Gritzay, V.E. Pilipenko and V.A. Dubinin (Moscow, Russia). The behaviour of the cockroach Periplaneta americana in "hot plate" and "open field" under the action of various analgetics.


N. Khonicheva and K. Nikolskaya (Moscow, Russia). Behavior of rats in the complex maze: typology of cognition activity in normal and brain-damaged animals.


P. Nedergaard, E.T. Mellerup and P. Plenge (Copenhagen, Denmark). Test methods for the analysis of sexual behavior in male rats.


B.P.C. Melchers, I.H.C.H.M. Philippens and P.L.B. Bruijnzeel (Rijswijk, The Netherlands). Behavioral/neurophysiological test systems in marmoset monkeys.


T.V. Strekalova (Moscow, Russia). The electric-foot defensive behavior model as a method to discriminate individual coping strategy in rats.


C.H. Teng, L. Jia and S.M. Moochhala (Singapore, Republic of Singapore). Measurement of neuromuscular performance in rats: a comparison of test methods.


A. Wheeldon (Harlow, United Kingdom). A method to evaluate visceral nociception in concious free moving rats using activity monitors.


Y.E. Toshev (Sofia, Bulgaria). Heuristic approach for prediction of behavioral data.


R. Storkson and O.G. Berge (Bergen, Norway). Assessment of analgesia and side-effects in an animal pain model.


V. Quera, A. Solonas, L. Salafranca, S. Herrando and F. Salvador (Barcelona, Spain). P-SPACE: a program for simulating proxemic behavior.

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