Overview of Presentations


Sound Measurement and Analysis

Poster presentations and demonstrations
Friday, August 21, 15:00-16:00


H. Zimmermann, M.L. Käsermann, A. Altorfer, S. Jossen and N. Foppa (Berne, Switzerland). Measurement and analysis of vocal aspects of communicative interaction.


P.C. Schön, B. Puppe and G. Manteuffel (Dummerstorf, Germany). A sound analysis system based on LabVIEW used to characterise domestic pig (Sus scrofa) vocalisations.


F.B.A. Naber, G. de Krom, S.H.N. Willemsen-Swinkels and H. van Engeland (Utrecht, The Netherlands). Intonation patterns in autistic and non-autistic children.


Y. Ikeda and Y. Ishii (Kyoto, Japan). Characteristics of cattle voice and their application to recognition of individuals.

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