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Behavioral Recording: Computer-Aided Observation and Video Analysis

Poster presentations
Wednesday, August 19, 15:00-18:00


W.J. Budenberg, N.E. Symons and M. Smith (Nottingham, United Kingdom). Customising The Observer Video-Pro to facilitate coding of behaviour by untrained observers (parents of children with disruptive behaviour).


M. Azzolin, S. Furlati, G. Pellegrini and C. Trombetti (Bologna, Italy). The Observer 3.0: the first study of the behavior of a couple mother-calf of Tursiops truncatus.


V. Langher, M. Cecchini, C. Lai, B. Margozzi and T. Taeschner (Rome, Italy). Visual behavior towards a still face at birth.


T. Taeschner, P. Testa, M. Cacioppo and F. Lucchese (Rome, Italy). Analyzing behavior in the classroom.


S. Hoy and M. Ziron (Giessen, Germany). Investigations of laying behaviour of piglets in a preference farrowing pen with two nest areas (warm water bed vs. reference system) by The Observer / Video Tape Analysis System.


T.R. Chang and T.L. Maple (Atlanta, GA, U.S.A.). Use of The Observer for behavioral research at Zoo Atlanta's TECHlab.

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