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Behavioral Recording: Activity Monitoring and Movement Tracking

Poster presentations
Wednesday, August 19, 15:00-18:00


A. Borroni, A. Loy and E.M. Staderini (Rome, Italy). Lab and field approaches to the study of activity rhythms of fossorial insectivores: an interesting as well as difficult task.


D. Dudek (Lomianki, Poland). The application of fluorescent powder to detect the use of space by the yellow necked mouse.


I.H. Iversen (Jacksonville, FL, U.S.A.). An inexpensive method to automate the recording of direction and speed of individual bouts of wheel running in rats.


I.H. Iversen (Jacksonville, FL, U.S.A.). On-line analysis of drawing and object moving on a touch-sensitive monitor: interaction between finger position and object location on the monitor.


L. Larsen, P. Gade-Nielsen, S. Ziebe and A. Giwercman (Copenhagen, Denmark). CRISMAS - a new system for computer-assisted semen analysis.


R. Lohmann, O. Stiedl, J. Radulovic and J. Spies (Göttingen, Germany). Computerized monitoring of activity and spatial behavior is important in different learning paradigms.

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