Overview of Presentations


Behavioral Recording: Automatic Recognition of Body Postures and Behavioral Patterns

Oral presentations
Wednesday, August 19, 11:00-12:30, Large Lecture Room
Chair: A.R. Cools (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)


B.M. Spruijt, M.O.S. Buma, P.B.A. van Lochem and J.B.I. Rousseau (Utrecht, The Netherlands). Automatic behavior recognition: what do we want to recognize and how do we measure it?


H. Xin, J. Shao and J. Hu (Ames, U.S.A.). Image analysis of swine postural behavior.


R.C. van Lummel and H.J. Busser (The Hague, The Netherlands). Measuring locomotion behavior through gait analysis based on accelerometry.


Lunch break and poster viewing

Poster presentations and demonstrations
Wednesday, August 19, 15:00-18:00


S. Sauer, M. Kinkelin and W. Kaiser (Darmstadt, Germany). Measurement of behavioral sleep signs in honeybees with a custom designed video interface.


W.F. Tjallingii (Wageningen, The Netherlands). The electrical penetration graph (EPG): recording of penetration events by piercing mouthparts of insects.


R.J.A. Bulthuis, A.F. Bergman, F. Schlingmann, J. Tolboom, R. Remie, H.A. van de Weerd, P.L.P. van Loo, V. Baumans and L.F.M. van Zutphen (Hoofddorp, The Netherlands). LABORAS: automated behaviour classification of laboratory animals.


S.M. Rutter (North Wyke, Okehampton, United Kingdom). Graze: a program to analyse recordings of the jaw movements of ruminants.


M.Y. Ylieff, P. Poncin, C. Michel, J. Voss and J.C. Ruwet (Liege, Belgium). The use of topographic numeric imaging tools and computerized video tracking systems to study the reproductive behavior in fish: towards a "field-lab" integrative approach.


A. Altorfer, S. Jossen, M.L. Käsermann, N. Foppa and H. Zimmermann (Berne, Switzerland). Measurement and analysis of head movement behavior during conversation.


A.R. Cools and D. Heeren (Nijmegen, The Netherlands). Image-analyzing systems for the study of spatial and postural transitions in rats.


J.B.I. Rousseau, P.B.A. van Lochem, W. Melder, C. Costa-Florencio, W.H. Gispen and B.M. Spruijt (Utrecht, The Netherlands). Classification of rat behavior by a neural network.


P.B.A. van Lochem, M.O.S. Buma, J.B.I. Rousseau and L.P.J.J. Noldus (Wageningen, The Netherlands). Automatic recognition of behavioral patterns of rats using video imaging and statistical classification.


L. Tang, F. Mulkens, S. Godrie, L. Freson, R. Zheng and R. Geers (Heverlee, Belgium). Automatic analysis of the behaviour of group-housed pigs by an image collection system.


S. Godrie, L. Freson, J. Jourquin and R. Geers (Heverlee, Belgium). The use of an infrared sensor for automated oestrus detection in individually housed sows.

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