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Behavioral Recording: Miscellaneous Methods, Techniques and Instruments

Poster presentations
Wednesday, August 19, 15:00-18:00


F.R.L. Burford, P.K. McGregor and R.F. Oliveira (Copenhagen, Denmark). An investigation into fiddler crabs' (Uca) response to playback of visual images.


A. Weaver, M. Liefer and K. Johnson (Atlanta, GA, U.S.A.). Method for identifying behavior states among free-ranging bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus.


F. Neuhäusser-Wespy and B. König (Zürich, Switzerland). Living together - feeding apart: how to measure individual food consumption in a social species.


A. Miklosi, R.J. Andrew and H. Savage (Brighton, United Kingdom). The determination of body posture reveals behavioural lateralisation in zebrafish.


R.E. Mayagoitia, J.H. Waarsing, A. Sánchez-Pineda and P.H. Veltink (Sheffield, United Kingdom). Walking balance study using a triaxial accelerometer.


M. Edwards (Parkville, Australia). Qualitative measurement and assessment of a hand posture in a virtual environment.


R. Cocchi and C. Carli (San Costanzo, Italy). A new computer program for the measurement of reaction times to simple visual and auditory stimuli.


K. Ängeby Möller, B. Johansson and O. Berge (Huddinge, Sweden). Assessing mechanical withdrawal thresholds of the rat paw with a new electronic algometer.


R. Aisner (Tel Aviv, Israel). Studying the Black Rat's (Rattus rattus) nesting behavior: methodological considerations.

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