Overview of Presentations


Biotelemetry and Behavior

Oral presentations
Thursday, August 20, 9:00-12:30, Small Lecture Room
Chair: S.F. de Boer (Haren, The Netherlands)


W. Tornatzky and K.A. Miczek (Medford, MA, U.S.A.). Using biotelemetry for integrated measurement of behavior and physiology in laboratory animals.


O. Stiedl, K. Birkenfeld, M. Palve and J. Spiess (Göttingen, Germany). Telemetric heart rate measurements in freely moving mice.


Coffee break


K. Kramer, J.A. Grimbergen, P. Mills, D. Huetteman, B. Brockway, L. Zwiers and H.P. Voss (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). Telemetry: a new method to measure blood pressure in freely moving mice.


V. Baumans, J.A. Bouwknecht, H. Boere, K. Kramer, H.A. van Lith, H.A. van de Weerd and H. van Herck (Utrecht, The Netherlands). Intraperitoneal transmitter implantation in mice: effects on behavioural parameters and body weight.


I.C. de Jong, A. Sgoifo, E. Lambooij, S.M. Korte, J.M. Koolhaas and H.J. Blokhuis (Lelystad, The Netherlands). Biotelemetric measurement of the ECG in growing pigs: effects of social stress on heart rate, heart rate variability and occurrence of cardiac arrhythmias.


Lunch break and poster viewing

Poster presentations and demonstrations
Thursday, August 20, 15:00-17:00


A. Lund and L.L. Jeppesen (Copenhagen, Denmark). The relationship between stress, stereotypic behavior and physiological state in farmed mink.


P. Meerlo, A. Sgoifo, S.F. de Boer and J.M. Koolhaas (Haren, The Netherlands). Long term consequences of social conflict in rats: telemetric measurement of heart rate, body temperature and locomotor activity.


K.M. Scheibe, A. Berger, W.J. Streich and K. Eichhorn (Berlin, Germany). Analysis of behavioral rhythms in free ranging animals.


S.A.B.E. van Acker, R. Sibug, M. Fluttert and E.R. de Kloet (Leiden, The Netherlands). Influence of the mineralocorticoid receptor on heart rate and blood pressure of the rat.


F.A.A. van Acker, K. Kramer, S.A.B.E. van Acker, J.A. Grimbergen, G.R.M.M. Haenen, W.J.F. van der Wijgu and A. Bast (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). A telemetric study in mice on protectors against doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity.

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