User Meetings

At Measuring Behavior '98 user meetings were held by Data Sciences International and Noldus Information Technology. These meetings aimed to provide a forum in which users could exchange information and experiences with fellow users, learn about the latest product developments, and discuss product development, release schedules, installation and support procedures, etc. These meetings were attended by user of the company's products as well as other people interested in the technology.

Data Sciences International. During the user meeting, Steve Hachtman gave a talk about recent and future product developments, followed by a discussion in which users could ask questions about the products and their development.

Noldus Information Technology. This meeting consisted of several presentations in which Noldus staff addressed technical details and future directions of product development, and a panel discussion in which users could ask questions, present their ideas, etc. At Noldus Information Technology, we are strong believers in customer-driven and user-centered product design. The participatory nature of the meeting gave participants a unique opportunity to influence the development of the tools they will be using in their own work.

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