Integrated Measurement of Behavior and Physiology

Oral presentations
Friday, August 18, 09:00-12:10, Large Auditorium
Chair: J.M. Koolhaas (Haren, The Netherlands)


P. Hoogeboom (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). Data synchronisation through post-processing.


J. Ditterich (Munich, Germany). Improving the homogeneity of the magnetic field in the magnetic search coil technique.


H. David, R. Mollard, P. Cabon and B. Farbos (Bretigny-sur-Orge, France). Point-of-gaze, EEG and ECG measures of graphical/keyboard interfaces.


A.G. Keen (Rockhampton, Australia). Role of eccentricity and size in perception of whole and parts.


Coffee break


B. Savenije, E. Lambooij, M.A. Gerritzen, K. Venema and J. Korf (Lelystad, The Netherlands). An ultrafiltration-collection probe to remotely and continuously monitor blood glucose and lactate in broiler chickens.


M. Gahr, A. ter Maat and R. Jansen (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). Multiunit recordings from the High Vocal Center (HVC) in freely moving songbirds using radiotelemetry.


C. Torres-Pereira, L. Torres-Pereira and C. Couto (Braga, Portugal). Continuous telemetric measurement of heart rate, temperature and activity in the cow under stable conditions.


R.W. Sayre and L. Clark (Fort Collins, CO, U.S.A.). Evaluation of observational learning in captive European starlings in response to avian repellents.

Poster presentations and demonstrations
Thursday, August 17, 14:00-17:30


G. Staaks, D. Baganz and K. Schmidt (Berlin, Germany). Integrated measurement of motility and energy consumption in fish larvae and daphnia.


V. van Ginneken, P. Snelderwaard, H.P. Voss, R. van der Linden, D. van der Reijden, A. Gluvers, G. van den Thillart and K. Kramer (Leiden, The Netherlands). Cardiovascular measurements of small fish by radio-telemetry: a preliminary study.


K. Kramer, A. Mulder, H. van de Weerd, V. Baumans, C. Van Heijningen, R. Remie, H.P. Voss and B. van Zutphen (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). Does conditioning influence the increase of heart rate and body temperature as provoked by handling in the mouse?


O. Elekes and I. Gyertyán (Budapest, Hungary). Simultaneous radiotelemetric monitoring of the effect of D2-like dopamine receptor ligands on core temperature and home-cage activity in rats.


A. Harkin, A. Lawlor, J.P. Kelly and J.M. O'Donnell (Galway, Ireland). Investigation of a new method for physiological and behavioral monitoring of laboratory animals by telemetry.


A. Mikulecká, P. Krsek, Z. Hlinák and P. Mares (Prague, Czech Republic). Influence of nonconvulsive seizures induced by pilocarpine on spontaneous behaviour in adult rats.


T.N.K. Raju and P. Rasamimari (Chicago, IL, U.S.A.). Effect of intrauterine growth retardation and hypoxic-ischemic brain injury on long-term memory and learning functions.


T.N.K. Raju, M. Khilfeh, H.V. Rice and M.F. Bunting (Chicago, IL, U.S.A.). Hypothermia, learning and memory in rats with perinatal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy.


J.C.S. Creuwels, W. van der Veer and J.A. van Franeker (Den Burg (Texel), The Netherlands). AWIN, an automatic weigh and identification nest-system to study petrels in Antarctica.


B.M. Hjarvard, F.B.L. Mortensen, O.N. Larsen and J.B. Kjaer (Odense, Denmark). Telemetric measurement of heartbeat sound during behavioural testing in laying hens.


I.H.C.H.M. Philippens (Rijswijk, The Netherlands). Biotelemetry and behavior in the cynomolgous monkey.


S. Clapp, B. Sreenivasan, R. Stephens and C. Kelly (Sheffield, United Kingdom). The use of eye movement data in the analysis of neurobehavioral test performance.


H. David, R. Mollard, P. Cabon and B. Farbos (Bretigny-sur-Orge, France). Comparison of two point-of-gaze measurement systems on a dynamic ATC simulation.


F. Hella, J.F. Schouller and D. Clement (Vandouvre, France). CAPTIV: a software for the analysis and prevention of vehicle accidents.


M.L. Käsermann, A. Altorfer, and S. Jossen (Bern, Switzerland). Factors influencing vessel volume changes: their integration into a software of peripheral blood flow analysis.