Overview of Presentations


Behavior and Physiology

Oral presentations
Friday, August 21, 9:00-12:30, Large Lecture Room
Chair: J.M. Koolhaas (Haren, The Netherlands)


M.L. Boccia and J.E. Roberts (Chapel Hill, NC, U.S.A.). Behavior and autonomic nervous system function as assessed via heart activity: the case of hyperarousal in boys with Fragile X Syndrome.


M.L. Käsermann, A. Altorfer, N. Foppa, S. Jossen and H. Zimmermann (Berne, Switzerland). Measuring emotionalisation in everyday face-to-face communicative interaction.


Coffee break


C.M. Thiel and R.K.W. Schwarting (Düsseldorf, Germany). Studying the neurochemistry of behaviour: neglected factors in behavioural testing.


K.L Bentson, F.P. Miles, C.A. Astley and O.A. Smith (Davis, CA, U.S.A.). Simultaneous measurement of blood-borne substances, heart rate, blood pressure, and behavior from freely moving socially housed nonhuman primates.


J. Harlaar, R.A. Redmeijer and P. Tump (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). The SYBAR motion analysis system: integrated recording and display of video, EMG and force-plate data.


Lunch break and poster viewing

Poster presentations and demonstrations
Friday, August 21, 15:00-16:00


F.W. Maes (Haren, The Netherlands). CARDIA, a program package for combined cardiovascular/behavioral data acquisition and analysis in animals.


R.D. Beer (Bayreuth, Germany). A simple method for measuring heart-rate in guinea pigs during a standard handling procedure.


E. De Ridder, R. Pinxten and M. Eens (Wilrijk, Belgium). Integrated measurement and analysis of testosterone levels, dominance hierarchy and mate attraction behavior in captive male European starlings.


S. Jossen, A. Altorfer, M.L. Käsermann, N. Foppa and H. Zimmermann (Berne, Switzerland). Computer-based analysis of physiological data in natural situations.


A. Sgoifo, M.H. Kole, B. Buwalka, S.F. de Boer and J.M. Koolhaas (Haren, The Netherlands). Video tracking of social behaviors and telemetered ECG measurements in colony-housed rats.


R.M. Palmour and F.R. Ervin (Montreal, Canada). Alcohol consumption in vervet monkeys: biological correlates and factor analysis of behavioral patterns.


M. Sedelis, K. Hofele, S. Morgan, G.W. Auburger, J.P. Huston and R.K.W. Schwarting (Düsseldorf, Germany). Comparing inbred mouse strains: integration of behavioral and neurochemical assessments.


S.H.N. Willemsen-Swinkels, J.K. Buitelaar and H. van Engeland (Utrecht, The Netherlands). Subtyping stereotypic behavior in children: the association between stereotypic behavior, mood, social context, and heart rate.

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