Measuring Body Posture, Activity and Gait

Oral presentations
Wednesday, August 16, 10:45-14:20, Large Auditorium
Chair: F. Hella (Vandoevre, France)


K.A. Clarke, L. Smart and J. Still (Sheffield, United Kingdom). Ground reaction force measurement in the MF1 mouse.


J.B.J. Bussmann, F.C. Schasfoort, J.H.M. Tulen, H.J.G. van den Berg and H.J. Stam (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). Accelerometry-based activity monitoring: objective measurement of postures and motions.


C.T.M. Baten (Enschede, The Netherlands). Quantitative assessment of low back load exposure outside the laboratory.


A. Altorfer, M.L. Käsermann and S. Jossen (Bern, Switzerland). Head movement analysis during conversation: relations to verbal behavior and psychophysiological data.


Lunch break and poster viewing


W. IJsselsteijn, H. de Ridder and J. Freeman (Eindhoven, The Netherlands). Postural responses to real-world moving video - an objective measure of presence?


H. Heijink and R.G.J. Meulenbroek (Nijmegen, The Netherlands). A model-based study of left-hand fingering on the classical guitar.

Poster presentations and demonstrations
Thursday, August 17, 14:00-17:30


W.H.I.M. Drinkenburg, P. Vijn, M.G. Martorana, M. Dickson and W. van Schaijk (Lanarkshire, United Kingdom). A novel automated apomorphine climbing test.


S. Reinecke, J.L. Humm, T. Schallert and O.W. Witte (Düsseldorf, Germany). Functional deficits in forelimb-using after photothrombotic lesion in rats.


K. Ängeby Möller, O.G. Berge and F.P.T. Hamers (Huddinge, Sweden). Locomotor behaviour in normal and monoarthritic rats assessed by a new computer assisted method.


I.P. Levshina and N.N. Shuikin (Moscow, Russia). The breathing pattern shows 'freezing'.


S. Mayerhuber and G. Bernroider (Salzburg, Austria). Signals behind motoric expressions II: body posture and social proximity in adult birds.


A. Chedad, J.-M. Aerts, A. Delahaye and D. Berckmans (Heverlee, Belgium). Image analysis to predict the moment of giving birth of pregnant ewes.


J. van der Werf, H. Hopster and H.J. Blokhuis (Lelystad, The Netherlands). Inter- and intra-individual variation in resting behaviour in dairy cows.


R.A. Champion and S.M. Rutter (Okehampton, United Kingdom). Updates to the Graze program: movement analysis and compatibility with 'The Observer'.


H.P.B. Davidson and S.E. Redgate (Leics, United Kingdom). Measuring activity in the stabled horse.


M. Edwards (Melbourne, Australia). A proposed comparative study on fine hand posture to capture and quantify unimanual and bimanual dysfunctional behaviour in a virtual environment.


F.C. Schasfoort, J.B.J. Bussmann and H.J. Stam (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). Ambulatory measurement of upper limb usage and basic activities with an extended version of the Rotterdam Activity Monitor.


D.L. Stronks, J.H.M. Tulen, J.B.J. Bussmann, L. Pepplinkhuizen and J. Passchier (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). Exploring accelerometry as an objective method to assess daily functioning in migraine.


J.H.M. Tulen, H.G.J.K. Romers, W.H. Groeneveld, J.A. de Vries and B.J.M. van de Wetering (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). Objective quantification of head movements and tics in patients with the syndrome of Gilles de la Tourette.


A.C. Volkers, J.H.M. Tulen, W.W. van den Broek, J. Bruyn, J. Passchier and L. Pepplinkhuizen (Rotterdam, The Netherland). Evaluation of motor behavior and sleep/wake pattern in depressed patients by wrist-actigraphy.


L. Out, J. Harlaar, P. Tump and C. Doorenbosch (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). HTML viewer for synchronized video and kinesiological signal files.