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Measuring Behavior 2022 is a joint meeting between the Measuring Behavior conference series and the International Seminar on  Behavioral Methods series. It is being organised by three partners:

Noldus Information Technology was one of the founders of the Measuring Behavior conference series back in 1996. 2022 will be the 12th edition. The series started as a small local workshop, grew to be a national event and is now an international conference of a high standard. The main role of Noldus is to ensure continuity between the meetings and in that role  Andrew Spink chairs the program committee. Although Noldus helps organise the meeting, its competitors are welcome to exhibit and present there (and many of them do). Noldus is an innovative SME, creating solutions for researchers measuring the behavior of people and animals.

The Medical University of Silesia is the local host. It is the largest medical school in Poland, with over 10,000 students, and was established in 1948. Prof. Jarosław-Jerzy Barski is Chair of Department for Experimental Medicine and has organised many editions of the International Seminar on  Behavioural Methods in Poland. The conference has two additional academic chairs, Prof. Gernot Riedel (a neuroscientist specialising in cognition and dementia who has chaired the animal behavior track of Measuring Behavior several times) and Anne-Marie Brouwer (senior scientist at TNO Human Factors specialising in the use of brain and other physiological signals as potential sources of information about an individual’s cognitive and emotional state).

 Business Service Galop is a professional conference organisation bureau with over 25 years of experience. They run many conferences every year and have organised the International Seminar on  Behavioural Methods for several years.