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Abstracts for poster presentations have also been peer-reviewed in the same way as other presentations, and they will also be published in the Proceedings. Click the images in the list below to see the full poster.

The posters are in two parallel sessions in Room 1 and Room 3.


Wednesday 18th May
All times are in CET (GMT+2)

Room 1

Session Chair: Jarosław Barski, Medical University of Silesia, Poland

14:00-14:10    A review: three-dimensional data acquisition in cattle management. Yaowu Wang, Wensheng Wang, Sander Mücher, Leifeng Guo, and Lammert Kooistra. Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands.

14:10-14:20    Integrating behavioral and physiological parameters to characterize emotional contagion in pigs.  Annika Krause, Jan Langbein and Katrin Siebert. FBN, Dummerstorf, Germany.

14:20-14:30    Behaviour- and cognition-based methods to assess feeding motivation in dairy cows around dry-off. Guilherme Amorim Franchi, Mette S. Herskin, Margit Bak Jensen. Aarhus University, Denmark.

14:30-14:40    Adult zebrafish behavior as tool to study muscular dystrophy.  Adriana Rolim Campos & Sacha Aubrey Alves Rodrigues Santos. University of Fortaleza, Brazil.

14:40-14:50    Cylinder test vs skilled reaching test: comparison of two methods used to investigate unilateral motor impairments in rat model of Parkinson’s disease. Martyna Paleczna, A. Jurga, D. Biała and K.Z. Kuter. Maj Institute of Pharmacology, Cracow, Poland. 

14:50-15:00    Robust inference and modeling of social effects on mice learning in Intellicages.
Michał Lenarczyk, Bartosz Jura and Daniel K. Wojcik. Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland
Zofia Harda, Magdalena Ziemianska, Lukasz Szumiec, and Jan Rodriguez Parkitna .Maj Institute of Pharmacology of the Polish Academy of Sciences

15:00-15:10    Break

15:10-15:20    Improving biomedical research by automated behaviour monitoring in the animal home-cage. Aleksandra Bartelik (St. Anne's University Hospital Brno, Czech Republic), Maša Čater (Institute of Physiology, University of Maribor, Slovenia) and Sabine M. Hölter ( Helmholtz Munich and Technical University Munich, Germany)

15:20-15:30    Meeting data analytics for IoT-enabled communication systems. Sowmya Vijayakumar, Ronan Flynn, Niall Murray, (Technological University of the Shannon, Athlone, Ireland) and Muhammad Intizar Ali (Insight Centre of Data Analytics, National University of Ireland, Galway).

15:30-15:40    Robust Scratching Behavior Detection in Mice from Generic Features and a Lightweight Neural Network in 100 fps Videos. Elsbeth A. van Dam, Marco Hernandez Roosken, Lucas P. J. J. Noldus. Noldus Information Technology, Wageningen, The Netherlands.

15:40-15:50    A semi-automatic user-friendly tracking software (TrAQ) for animal models capable of automatic rotation behaviour characterization.  Davide Di Censo, I. Rosaa, M. Aleccia, T., T.M. Florioa, and A. Galante  University of L'Aquila, L'Aquila, Italy and Di Lorenzo (IRET-CNR, Florence, Italy).

15:50-16:00    Assessing behavioral toxicity of different substances using Caenorhabditis elegans as a biosensor. Robert Sobkowiak. Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland

16:00-16:10    Early development of animal behaviour data acquisition “swiss-army knife” system. Pavlo Fiialkovskyi (Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Czech Republic) and Jorge Cassinello (EEZA, Almeria, Spain).

Room 3

Session Chair: Gernot Riedel, Aberdeen University, UK 

14:30-14:40    Generative Neural Networks for Experimental Manipulation of Complex Psychological Impressions in Face Perception Research and Beyond   Adam Sobieszek

14:40-14:50    Use of facial analysis software to determine facial expression differences in children with autism spectrum disorder. Alexis Jones. College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Cherokee Nation, USA.

14:50-15:00    The colour nutrition information (cni) as new tool for  educating consumers. Katarzyna Pawlak-Lemańska 

15:00-15:10    Computer Vision Assessment of Children’s Fine Motor Skills in Block Stacking    Martin Tomasik

15:10-15:20    The importance of flow for the course of learning complex skills in training video players    Justyna Józefowicz

15:20-15:40    Break    

15:40-15:50    Validation of the Arabic Version of the Depression Anxiety Stress Scales (DASS-42) among Undergraduates in Kuwai   B.M. Alansari

15:50-16:00    In-cage monitoring of individual movement patterns and space use in laboratory housed macaques. Joshua Reukauf and D.S. Soteropoulos (University of Newcastle, UK) and C.L. Witham (MRC Harwell, UK).

16:00-16:10    Automated detection of behaviours used to assess temperament in rhesus macaques. Giulia Ciminelli, D. Masey & M. Bateson (Newcastle University, UK) and C. Witham (MRC Harwell, UK).