Welcome to Measuring Behavior


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Welcome to Measuring Behavior

What is Measuring Behavior

Measuring Behavior is the premier interdisciplinary event for scientists and practitioners concerned with the study of human or animal behavior. This unique community and its biannual conference focuses on methods, techniques and tools in behavioral research in the widest sense. The purpose of this community is to foster scientific discussions regarding methods and techniques in behavioral research. While the research questions and applications may be highly diverse, what all delegates share is an interest in methods, techniques and tools for the study of behavior.

Why attend Measuring Behavior

While most conferences focus on a specific scientific area, this conference tries to create bridges between disciplines by bringing together people who may otherwise be unlikely to meet each other. At a Measuring Behavior meeting, you will find yourself among researchers for all field of behavioral research. What all delegates share is an interest in methods, techniques and tools for the study of behavior. We expect 250+ highly qualified researchers in the broadest range of behavioral research.

Where is Measuring Behavior

From 27-29 May 2020 held in Kraków, Poland. This year together with the 6th International Seminar on Behavioral Methods. The conference will take place at the Conference Centre at the Hotel Galaxy ****. It is in Kraków city centre and close to hotels, restaurants and shopping. The conference centre offers plenty of conferences and hotel rooms, exhibition halls, and restaurants and is therefore an ideal host for our conference.


Andrew Spink

Dr. Andrew Spink is chair of the scientific program committee for the Measuring Behavior conferences.