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Presentations: Index by Author

This page lists all accepted oral presentations and posters presented by conference participants, ordered alphabetically by first author.

Abel, T.
Beyond Usability: A Methodology to Evaluate the Affective Experience of Interaction with E-Commerce Websites

Ahlström, C.; Dukic, T.
Comparison of Eye Tracking Systems with One and Three Cameras

Ahlström, C.; Kircher, K.
Review of Real-time Visual Driver Distraction Detection Algorithms

Altimus, C.; LeGates, T.; Yang, S.; Kirkwood, A.; Weber, T.; Hattar, S.
Use of Environmental Light Cycles to Distinguish Circadian Regulation from Direct Light Modulation of Learning and Mood

Andreasson, T.; Börjesson, J.; Ljung, E.; Markinhuhta, K.R.; Thorngren, M.
Using Multivariate Analysis for Comparing Locomotor Patterns of Sprague-Dawley Rats from Different European Breeders

Aoki, H.; Suzuki, S.
Gaze Metrics for Efficient and Safe Operations of Hemodialysis

Arabo, A.; Potier, C.; Roy, V.
Free Exploration of an Elevated Plus-Maze in Mice

Avdesh, A.; Martin-Iverson, M.T.; Mondal, A.; Chen, M.; Verdile, G.;
Martins, R.N.
Natural Colour Preference in the Zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Balsters, M.; Krahmer, E.; Swerts, M.; Vingerhoets, A.
Measuring Potential Cues for Depression in Adolescents

Barbaro, K. de; Johnson, C.M.; Forster, D.; Deák, G.O.
Temporal Dynamics of Multimodal Multiparty Interactions: A Microgenesis of Early Social Interaction

Battaglia, F.P.
Route Finding in a Complex Maze in Wild-Type and CA1 NR-1 KO Mice: Hippocampal Local Field Potentials, Single Units and Relationship with Behavior

Bladel, C. van
Faster Marathon Times by Measuring Human Performance

Blum, T.; Navab, N.; Feußner, H.
Methods for Automatic Statistical Modeling of Surgical Workflow

Bons, D.M.A.; Scheepers, F.E.; Rommelse, N.J.; Buitelaar, J.K.
Motor, Emotional and Cognitive Empathic Abilities in Children with Autism and Conduct Disorder

Bouarfa, L.; Stassen, L.P.S.; Jonker, P.P.; Dankelman, J.
In-Vivo Measuring Surgical Workflow Activities in the OR

Boughorbel, S.; Breebaart, J.; Bruekers, F.; Flinsenberg, I.; Kate, W. ten
Child-Activity Recognition from Multi-Sensor Data

Bowen, M.T.; Remmelink, E.; Dielenberg, R.A.; Halasz, P.; McGregor, I.S.
Trackmate Social (V 0.9): Beta Software for the Automated Measurement of Rodent Social Behaviour

Boxtel, A. van
Facial EMG as a Tool for Inferring Affective States

Brand, A.N.; Borries, A.K.L. von; Bulten, B.H.
Progress With MINDS, a Testmanager for Psychological Assessment, Research and Education. Applications in the Forensic Psychiatric Domain [Presentation]

Bredero, M.D.
Crowd Safety Architecture - Measuring Safety Levels

Brendle, J.; Steffen, H.
A New Method of Computer-Supported Measurements of Distances Moved by Animals

Broek, E.L. van den; Nijholt, A.; Westerink, J.H.D.M.
Symposium: Unveiling Affective Signals [Presentation]

Broek, E.L. van den; Nijholt, A.; Westerink, J.H.D.M.
Unveiling Affective Signals

Brown, R.E.; O’Leary, T.P.
Teaching a Course in Measuring Behavior

Brown, R.E.; O’Leary, T.P.; Allen, S.L.
Who Said Pedestrian Means Dull: Teaching Methods in the Measurement of Behaviour Through Observational Studies of Pedestrian Behaviour

Buscaino, G.; Filiciotto, F.; Buffa, G.; Bellante, A.; Di Stefano, V.
Preliminary Study of Behaviour and Sound Emitted by European Spiny Lobster Palinurus Elephas During the Interaction with Predators

Carey, J.R.; Zou, S.; Liedo, P.; Robles, L.; Morice, A.; Müller, H.G.;
Wang, J.L.; Ingram, D.; Papadopoulos, N.
A High-Resolution System for Recording the Daily and Lifetime Behavioral and Movement Patterns of Individual Tephritid Fruit Flies

Casarrubea, M.; Sorbera, F.; Santangelo, A.; Crescimanno, G.
Microstructural Assessment of Rodent Behavior in the Hole-Board Experimental Assay (also presented as paper)

Castañer, M.; Miguel, C.; Anguera, M.T.; Jonsson, G.K.
Observing the Paraverbal Communication of Coaches in Competitive Match Situations

Castañer, M.; Torrents, C.; Morey, G.; Anguera, M.T.; Jofre, T.
Appraising the Aesthetics of Human Movement: An Application to Contemporary Dance Using a Motion Capture System

Chew, C.
Using EEG Recordings to Examine the Relationships Between Sustained Attention and Types of Background Music in Individuals with ADHD

Clemens, L.E.; Yu, L.; Ehrismann, J.S.; Portal, E.; Riess, O.; Nguyen, H.P.
The BacHD Rat: A New Rat Model of Huntington´s Disease Expressing the Full-Length Mutant Huntingtin

Cocq, P. de
Symposium: Improving Sports Performance

Cocq P. de; Munsters, C.
Performance Monitoring in Equine Sports

Craenendonck, H.V.M.M. van; Pemberton, D.J.; Aerts, N.; Hens, K.;
Megens, A.H.P.
Measurement of Locomotor Activity in Rodents: Design of a Compact, Multifunctional, User-friendly and High Throughput System

Curkovic, T.; Ballesteros, C.; Araya, J.
Characterization Of Foraging Behavior Of Yellowjacket Workers And Worker-Larva Trophallaxis Towards Feeding Baits Laced With Fipronil

Detrait, E.; Brohez, C.; Hanon, E.; Ryck, M. de
Automation of Continuous Spontaneous Alternation to Increase the Throughput for In Vivo Screening of Cognitive Enhancers. Optimization of the Ethovision System for the Y-maze Test in Mice

Diggelen, J. van; Neerincx, M.
Electronic Partners That Diagnose, Guide and Mediate Space Crew’s Social, Cognitive and Affective Processes

Di Lio, A.; Arabadzisz, D.; Lipp, H.P.; Zeilhofe, H.U.
EEG Data Logging with the NeuroLogger® System: Spontaneously Occurring Electrophysiological Correlates of Migraine in Mutant Mice

Diverrez, J.M.; Naylor, A.; Iorgovan, D.; Nicolas, C.; Coppin, G.
Comfort and Acceptability Study of 3D devices

Driel, K. van; Heath, R.; Talling, J.; Weerd, H. van de; Kettlewell, P.;
Mitchell, M.
The Use of Wildlife Cameras to Monitor Pig Behavior During Commercial Long Distance Transport

Dufresne, A.; Prom Tep, S.; Senechal, S.; Courtemanche, F.
Physiological Measures, Eye Tracking and Task Analysis to Track User Reactions in User Generated Content

Egger, V.; Schrom-Feiertag, H.; Ehrenstrasser, L.; Telepak, G.
Creating a Richer Data Source for 3D Pedestrian Flow Simulations in Public Transport

Embrechts, S.; Pemberton, D.J.
Development and Evaluation of an Operant-Based Reversal Learning Task in the Rat, Relevance of the Visual Cue

Fekas, D.; Heer, R.C. de; Mellace, M.; Spruijt, B.M.; Braak, C.J.F. ter
Machine Learning Techniques for Parameter Selection and Automated Behavioral

Felismino, M.; Luiz, R.; Castela, M.; Marques, P.
Optimization of User Satisfaction on an Augmented Reality Based Guided Tour

Flores, A.P.L.; Cárdenas López, G.
Software Employment for Automatic Emotion Recognition in Online

Fouse, A.S.; Hollan, J.D.
DataPrism: a Tool for Visualizing Multimodal data

Fuentes, D.G.; Ribes Iñesta, E.
Acquisition, Translativity and Transfer of a Matching to Sample Task Under Different Language Modes

Gener, T.; Perez-Mendez, L.; Lopez-Pigozzi, D.; Guger, C.;
Sanchez-Vives, M.V.
Spatial ECG of the Rat During Spatial Navigation

Gizatdinova, Y.; Surakka, V.; Zhao, G.; Mäkinen, E.; Raisamo, R.
Facial Expression Classification Based on Local Spatiotemporal Edge and Texture Descriptors

Golani, I.; Fonio, E.: Benjamini, Y.
Understanding Exploratory Behavior Step by Step

Gonzalez, I.; Sahli, H.; Verhelst, W.
Automatic Recognition of Lower Facial Action Units

Gorbunov, R.; Tuyls, K.; Barakova, E.
Symposium: Monitoring of Social Interactions and Initial Signs of Conflicts in Isolated Groups during Long-Term Missions

Grasshoff, D.; Hasse, C.; Eißfeldt, H.; Bruder, C.
Identifying Operators Monitoring Approriately

Gunes, H.; Pantic, M.
Automatic Measurement of Affect in Dimensional and Continuous Spaces: Why, What, and How?

Gushin, V.; Vinokhodova, A.
PSPA - Test for the Study of Individual Values and Mutual Perception in Small Group

Haes, P. de; Meynen, M.; Hoeks, K.; Meert, T.F.; Bouwknecht, J.A.
Use of Automated Tracking System Across Anxiety and Depression Models in Rodents

Haindl, M.; Dürrschmid, K.
Food Attractiveness and Gazing Behaviour

Hámornik, B.P.; Juhász, M.; Vén, I.
Field Measurement Protocol for Team Communication: A Study of Medical Rehabilitation Team Interaction

Hampson, R.E.
Use of Behavioral Outcome to Assess Cognitive State

Haslwanter, T.; Waldhör, J.
Measuring 3D Arm Movements for Activities of Daily Living

Hawkins, P.
Refinement Through Better Animal Monitoring: How Behavioural Researchers Can Contribute

Huo, M.; Heyvaert, M.; Noortgate, W. van den; Onghena, P.
A Systematic Review on Randomization and Permutation Tests in the Educational and Behavioral Sciences

Ioakeimidis, I.; Södersten, P.; Zandian, M.
A Detailed Analysis of Eating Behaviour

Itzhak, Y.
A Novel Conditioning Paradigm Enables the Dissociation Between the Formations of Context- and Cue-Dependent Memories of Drug Reward

Jansen, R.F.; Pieneman, A.W.; Maat, A. ter; Gahr, M.; Stiedl, O.
Extracellular Multi Unit Recording in Fear Conditioning in Mice Using a Telemetry Approach in an Automated Home Cage (DualCage)Environment

Jhuang, H.; Garrote, E.; Edelman, N.; Poggio, T.; Steele, A.; Serre, T.
Trainable, Vision-Based Automated Home Cage Behavioral Phenotyping

Jonsson, G.K.; Thorisson, K.R.
Evaluating Multimodal Human-Robot Interaction: A Case Study of an Early Humanoid Prototype

Jonsson, G.K.; Thorsteinsson, V.; Tomasson, G.G.
Identification of Vertical and Horizontal Movement Patterns in Cod Behavior

Juhász, M.; Soós, J.K.; Hámornik, B.P.
The Links Between Behavioral Markers of Performance, Personality and Communication

Kampis, G.; Miklosi, A.; Viranyi, Z.; Gulyas, L.
Video Deep Tagging and Data Archiving in the Comparative Mind Database

Kandalla, M.; Bhat, P.
Early Social Skills as a Function of Gender: An Observational Study of Children Between 3-8 Years in Andhra Pradesh, India [Presentation]

Karpukhina, A.; Arestova, O.
Diagnostics of Motivational Conflicts Through Thinking Activity

Kas, M.J.H.; Olivier, B.; Mooij-van Malsen, A.J.G. de
Genetic Dissection of Motor Activity Levels and Avoidance Behavior in The Home Cage; Translational Phenotypes for Mood Disorders

Kim, J.J.
An Automated Maze for Studying Working Memory and Decision-Making in Rodents

Koot, S.; Bos, R. van den; Adriani, W.; Laviola, G.
Home Cage Testing of Decision-Making

Krajewski, J.; Golz, M.; Schnieder, S.; Schnupp, T.; Heinze, C.; Sommer, D.
Detecting Fatigue from Steering Behaviour Applying Continuous Wavelet Transform

Krajewski, J.; Schnupp, T.; Schnieder, S.; Sommer, D.; Heinze, C.; Golz, M.
Pattern Recognition Methods – A Novel Analysis for the Pupillographic Sleepiness Test

Krajewski, J.; Sommer, D.; Schnupp, T.; Laufenberg, T.; Heinze, C.; Golz, M.
Applying Nonlinear Dynamics Features for Speech-based Fatigue Detection

Krupenia, S.; Yechiam, E.; Arad, M.
Peripheral Arterial Tone As an Index of ANS Trade-Off

Kuijpers, E.; Elzen, S. van den; Hambartsumyan, H.
Visualizing Group Dynamics Signals

Kullingsjö, J.; Andreasson, T.; Sunesson, Y.; Ponten, H.
Quality Monitoring and Analysis of Open Field Behavior in Rats by Means of Multivariate

Kyung, G.; Nussbaum, M.A.
Assessment of Aging Effects on Drivers’ Perceptual and Behavioral Responses Using Subjective Ratings and Pressure Measures

LeGates, T.; Hattar, S.
Combinatorial Measurement of Sleep and Wheel Running Activity to Examine the Interaction Between Light and Drug Administration in Mice

Leiva, D.; Solanas, A.; Vries, H. de; Kenny, D.A.
DyaDA: An R Package for Dyadic Data Analysis

Lemos, J. de; Ólafsdóttir, I.
Measuring Reading Characteristics Using Eye Tracking and a Context Adapting Classification System

Liu, H.; Hu, J.; Rauterberg, M.
iHeartrate: A Heart Rate Controlled In-Flight Music Recommendation System

Lógó, E.; Józsa, E.; Hámornik, B.P.
Eye Tracking Analysis: Application in a Case Study of a Fast Moving Consumer Goods Product

Lopes, A.; Camerino, O.; Anguera, M.T.; Jonsson, G.K.
Ball Recovery in the Handball Tournament of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games: Sequential Analysis of Positional Play as Used by the Spanish Team’s Defence

Lopez-Pigozzi, D.; Gener, T.; Sanchez-Vives, M.V.; Perez-Mendez, L.;
De La Vega, J.
Studying the Modulation of Brain Rhythms by Dynamic Cues

Lorenzini, L.; Giuliani, A.; Gusciglio, M.; Giardino, L.; Imbimbo, B.
Video Tracking Analysis of Contextual Fear Conditioning for the Screening of Anti-Alzheimer Drugs after Acute Administration in Tg2576 Mice

Luiz, R.; Felismino, M.; Castela, M.; Marques, P.
Towards the Use of Psychological Variables in User Profiling

Luyten, L.; Vansteenwegen, D.; Kuyck, K. van; Nuttin, B.
Optimization of a Contextual Conditioning Protocol for Rats Using Combined Measurements of Startle and Freezing

Mahieu, M.; Willems, R.; Craenendonck, H. van; Ver Donck, L.
Measurement of Akinesia in Rats: Design and Validation of a Side Effect Paradigm in Freely Moving Animals

Marx, C.; Backes, H.; Hauber, W.; Lex, B.; Calaminus, C.; Mies, G.; Graf, R.; Endepols, H.
Combining an Operant Chamber Paradigm with [18F]Fluorodeoxyglucose MicroPET Imaging: A Study on Conflict Processing in the Rat

Maurer, M.; Rüther, M.; Bischof, H.; Kastberger, G.; Hötzl, T.; Weihmann, F.; Singh, M.M.
Stereoscopic Motion Analysis of Giant Honeybees

Mertens, L.; Pemberton, D.J.
Development and Evaluation of a Rat Water Maze System: Impact of Maze Size, Water Temperature and Other Parameters on Performance

Meschtscherjakov, A.; Reitberger, W.; Tscheligi, M.
MAESTRO: Orchestrating User Behavior Driven and Context Triggered Experience Sampling

Miheyeva, N.
Group Preparedness For Risk in the Environment of Social Instability

Millonig, A.; Maierbrugger, G.
Using Semi-Automated Shadowing for Analysing Stress-Induced Spatio-Temporal Behaviour Patterns of Passengers in Public Transport Infrastructures

Mirlacher, T.; Fischer, T.; Bernhaupt, R.
Studying Media Usage in the Living Room by Measuring Infrared Signals

Moiseeva, A.; Timmermans, H.
Multi-Method Analysis of the Relationship Between Individual’s Space-Time Behavior, Built Environment and the Evolution of Cognitive Representations: Application of Tracking Technologies and Internet Surveys

Niculescu, A.; Cao, Y.; Dijk, B. van; Nijholt, A.
Measuring Stress and Cognitive Load Effects on the Perceived Quality of a Multimodal Dialogue System

Novak, D.; Mihelj, M.; Ziherl, J.; Olensek, A.; Munih, M.
Measuring Motor Actions and Psychophysiology for Task Difficulty Estimation in Human-Robot Interaction [Presentation]

Oinas-Kukkonen, H.
Prerequisites for Successful Measuring of Ambient Persuasive Technology

Oldenrijk, J. van; Rijk, E.; Schafroth, M.U.; Runne, W.C.; Poolman, R.W.; Verheyen, C.P.M.; Egmond, C. van
Learning Curve Assessment and Identification of Surgical Pitfalls of a New Hip Prosthesis Using Time-Action Analysis

Panteleeva, S.; Danzanov, Z.;  Reznikova, Z.
Using Ideas of Kolmogorov Complexity for Studying Animal Behavioural Patterns

Phan, L.; Meza, R.; Littlewort, G.; Bartlett, M.; Reilly, J.
Measuring Behavioral Indices of Cognitive Processing in Children

Pitcher, T.E.; Nicholson, J.R.; Neuman, R.; Machin, I.
Different Interpretation of the Hot Plate Test in Rats

Platt, B.; Plano, A.; Jyoti, A.; Riedel, G.
Epidural EEG Recordings Using Microchips in Behavioural Context

Portal, E.
Automated Home Cage Assessment of Sca17 Mouse Model

Prins, H.; Kölzsch, A.; Bregt, A.; Wal,T. van der; Noldus, L.
Wildlife Surveillance Using GPS: From Movement Tracking to Behavior Recognition

Prudente, J.; Garganta, J.; Anguera, M.T.
Methodological Approach to Evaluate Interactive Behaviors in Team Games: An Example in Handball

Raeymaekers, L.J.; Beerling, W.; Drinkenburg, W.H.I.M.; Koolhaas, J.M.
The Complexity of Reliably Investigating Effects of Novelty Stress in Rats: Dynamics and Correlations of Behavioral, Cardiovascular, Endocrinological and Electroencephalographic Responses Under Simultaneous Measurement

Reefmann, N.; Muehlemann, T.; Wolf, M.; Wechsler, B.; Gygax, L.
Simultaneous Measurement of Brain Activity, Physiology & Behavior in Large Animals

Reitberger, W.; Meschtscherjakov, A.; Tscheligi, M.; Ruyter, B. de; Ham, J.
Measuring (Ambient) Persuasive Technologies

Remmelink, E.; Bowen, M.T.; McGregor, I.S.; Halasz, P.; Dielenberg, R.A.
Trackmate (V. 1.0): A Versatile Program for Automated Tracking of Behaviour in Laboratory Rodents

Riedel, G.; Platt, B.
Symposium: Large and Small Scale Physiological Recordings in Behavioural Context

Rizzi, L.; Dinardo, C.; Savino, N.; Ciullo, G.
Web Based Measuring System for Health Monitoring at Home

Roof, R.; Yabe, Y.; Snyder, B.; Zaleska, M.
Use of Ethological Rodent Behavior to Assess Efficacy of Potential Drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease

Ross, S.R.; Ross, M.R.; Clark, A.B.
Ethosearch: A Comprehensive Repository of Ethograms for Use in Animal Behavior Research

Rossi, A.; Parada, F.J.; Allen, C.
DogCam: a Way to Measure Visual Attention in Dogs

Salminen, M.; Henttonen, P.; Ravaja, N.; Saarinen, M.
Psychophysiological Data Collection in an Organizational Setting: Studying Interaction Between the Manager and Subordinate During Performance Review Discussion

Savelsbergh, G.J.P.
The Measurement of the Visual Search Behavior in Sport. Can It Be a New Avenue into Talent Identification and Development?

Schenka, C.; Schnupp, T.; Heinze, C.; Krajewski, J.; Golz, M.
The Compensatory Tracking Task: A Pattern Recognition Based Approach for Classifying Vigilance

Schnupp, T.; Schenka, A.; Sommer, D.; Golz, M.; Krajewski, J.
Using Postural Control System Measures to Detect Hypovigilance

Schulze, K.; Krömker, H.
A Framework to Measure User Experience of Interactive Online Products

Seljestad, H.; Ferkingstad, J.; Sydnes, T.; Kleppe, G.; Frette, V.
Measuring Behavior in Complex Maritime Operations

Sellen, K.M.; Chignell, M.; Callum, J.L.; Pendergrast, J.; Straus, S.E.; Halliday, A.
Using Motion Sensing to Study Human Computer Interaction in Hospital Settings

Solanas, A.; Leiva, D.; Manolov, R.
A Dyadic Approach for Measuring and Testing Agreement in Interpersonal Perception

Solanas, A.; Onghena, P.; Manolov, R.
Estimating Slope and Level Change in N=1 Designs

Solov'eva, M.Y.; Plyusnina, I.Z.; Tarancev, I.G.; Bulushev, E.D.
Automated Video Registration in Home Cage for Measuring Maternal Behavior of Wild, Aggressive and Tame Rats

Soós, J.K.; Juhász, M.; Hámornik, B.P.
Measuring Professional Teams’ Information Sharing Behaviour

Souchard, L.
Work Units in Tutorials Software for Learning Mathematics

Spruijt, B.M.; Heer, R.C. de; Harst, J.E. van der
Spontaneous Behavior in the Home Cage: a New Test Environment for Measuring Neuropathic Pain

Staaks, G.; Baganz, D.; Jauernig, O.; Brockmann, C.; Balzer, U.
The FischFITMonitor – A New System for Monitoring Multiple Physiological and Behavioural Parameters in Fish

Stel, M.; Bos, K. van den
Mimicry as a Tool for Understanding the Emotions of Others

Stiedl, O.
Symposium: The Significance of Voluntary Exploration to Monitor Emotional Behavior of Rodents

Stiedl, O.; Pieneman, A.W.; Gutzen, C.; Schwarzer, S.;  Jansen, R.F.
Fear Conditioning in an Automated Home Cage (DualCage) Environment

Stienen, B.M.C.; Gelder, B. de
Relative Affective Blindsight for Fearful Bodily Expressions

Stumpp, J.; Anastasopoulou, P.
Platform for Ambulatory Assessment of Psycho-Physiological Signals and Online Data Capture

Šubrt, M.; Mikulecká, A.; Kubová, H.
Postnatal Exposure to Clonazepam Leads to Cognitive Deficits in Adult Rats

Tan, C.; Chen, W.; Rauterberg, M.
Experimental Design for Sternocleidomastoid Muscle Stress Measurement

Terzis, V.; Moridis, C.N.; Economides, A.A.
Measuring Instant Emotions During a Self-Assessment Test: The Use of FaceReader

Ticha, K.; Mikulecka, A.; Mares, P.
Effects of CGP7930 on Spontaneous Behavior, Anxiety and Learning in Immature Rats

Truong, K.P.
Measuring Affective and Social Signals in Vocal Interaction

Tucci, V.; Lassi, G.; Nolan, P.M.
Timed Behaviors in Mice

Tuijthof, G.J.M.
Symposium: Measuring Surgical Behavior

Tuijthof, G.J.M.; Vos, A.G.; Sierevelt, I.N.; Schafroth, M.U.; Dijk, C.N. van; Kerkhoffs, G.M.M.J.
Teaching Arthroscopy: Analysis of Verbal Communication in the Operating Room

Valstar, R.; Hoeksma, M.
Induction and Measurement of Basic Emotions in Subjects and the Influence of Multisensory

Vardanyan, A.; Mastis, B.; Moran, N.; Serriello, J.; Matthews, G.
Development of Behavioral Measures of Osteoarthritis-induced Pain in Rabbits

Varekamp, C.; Vandewalle, P.
Measurement of Feet-Ground Interaction for Real-Time Person Localization, Step Characterization, and Gaming

Vargas, A.; Weffers, H.; Da Rocha, H.V.
A Method for Remote and Semi-Automatic Usability Evaluation of Web-based Applications Through Users Behavior Analysis

Vinciarelli, A.; Valente, F.
Social Signal Processing: Understanding Nonverbal Communication in Social Interactions [Presentation]

Vishnevskiy, V.V.; Vetrov, D.P.
The Algorithm for Detection of Fuzzy Behavioral

Voynarovskaya, N.; Gorbunov, R.; Barakova, E.; Rauterberg, M.
Automatic Mental Heath Assistant: Monitoring and Measuring Nonverbal Behavior of the Crew During Long-Term Missions

Wijk, R. de; Mojet, J.
Measuring Consumer Behavior

Wu, H.
An Automated Tracking Algorithm for Quantitative Group Behavior Studies

Zoratto, F.; Laviola, G.; Adriani, W.
Delay Intolerance Task: Different Impact of Timeout Duration on Impulsive and Non-Impulsive Rats