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Program Topics

Contributions are welcome on a wide variety of topics, including (but not limited to):

Analysis of behavioral measurements

  • New statistical techniques
  • Analysis of streams and patterns in behavior
  • Analysis of patterns in sports matches
  • Reliability analysis

Clinical and psychological applications of behavioral measurements

  • Gait analysis in animals and humans
  • Latest developments in tests for learning and memory in humans and animal models
  • New animal models for psychiatric and neurological diseases
  • Pain assessment
  • Sound, speech, and gesture analysis

Human-machine interaction

  • Human factors measurement- and analysis tools for cockpit evaluation and pilot behavior
  • Measuring the impossible; an EU new and emerging science and technologies initiative
  • Measuring player experiences in digital games: behavior, psychophysiology, and brain-based indicators
  • Measuring robotic behavior
  • Measuring usability, accessibility, and user experience

New animal models

  • Behavioral tests with new animal species
  • Combination of telemetric monitoring and behavioral monitoring
  • Behavioral testing of zebrafish
  • New animal models for psychiatric and neurological diseases

New technologies for studying behavior

  • Latest developments in video tracking and automatic behavior recognition
  • Automatic measurement of facial expressions and emotion
  • High-throughput technologies for behavioral phenotyping and pharmacological screening
  • The home cage as starting point for innovative concepts in behavioral phenotyping
  • Measuring behavior using motion capture
  • Multimodal analysis of behavior and physiology
  • New hardware and software for measuring behavior

Studying behavior in realistic environments

  • Animal welfare studies
  • Measuring animal behavior in the field
  • Behavioral ecology and ecotoxicology
  • Eye tracking and gaze analysis
  • Human behavior in traffic and urban environments
  • Living labs for studying human behavior in the home
  • Measuring consumer behavior
  • Mobile user experience measurement