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Posters 2010

MB2010 Posters
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A New Method of Computer-Supported Measurements of Distances Moved by Animals.
Organized: Julia Brendle, Annas Elisa & Hoy Steffen (Justus Liebig University, Germany).

Optimization of a Contextual Conditioning Protocol for Rats using Combined Measurements of Startle and Freezing.
Organized: Laura Luyten, Debora Vansteenwegen, Kris van Kuyck, & Bart Nuttin (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium).

EEG Data Logging with the NeuroLogger® System: Spontaneously Occurring Electrophysiological Correlates of Migraine in Mutant Mice.
Organized: Alessandra Di Lio, Dimitrula Arabadzisz, Hans-Peter Lipp &  Hanns Ulrich Zeilhofer (University of Zurich, Switzerland).

Ethosearch: A Comprehensive Repository of Ethograms for Use in Animal Behavior Research.
Organized: Stephen Ross, Megan Ross & Steven Thompson (Lincoln Park Zoo, USA) & Anne Clark (State University of New York at Binghamton, USA).

The Complexity of Reliably Investigating Effects of Novelty Stress in Rats: Dynamics and Correlations of Behavioral, Cardiovascular, Endocrinological and Electroencephalographic Responses under Simultaneous Measurement.  Organized: Leen Raeymaekers, Wieteke Beerling & Pim Drinkenburg (Johnson & Johnson PRD Janssen Pharmaceutica, Belgium).

Development and Evaluation of an Operant-Based Reversal Learning Task in the Rat, Relevance of the Visual Cue.
Organized: Sofie Embrechts & Darrel J. Pemberton (Janssen Pharmaceutica, Belgium).

Measurement of Akinesia in Rats: Design and Validation of a Side Effect Paradigm in Freely Moving Animals. 
Organized: Michel Mahieu, Roland Willems, Hansfried Van Craenendonck & Luc Ver Donck (Johnson&Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Division of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV., Belgium).

Measuring and Visualizing Group Dynamics Signals.
Organized: Erik  Kuijpers (GGZE Eindhoven), Henri Hambartsumyan & Stef Elzen (Technical University Eindhoven).

Automated Video Registration in Home Cage for Measuring Maternal Behavior of Wild, Aggressive and Tame Rats.
Organized: Maria Solov'eva & Irene Plyusnina (Institute of cytology and genetics of the SB RAS, Russian Federation), Igor Tarancev & Evgeny Bulushev (Institute of automation and electrometry of the SB RAS, Russian Federation).

Measuring Behavior in Complex Maritime Operations.
Organized: Heidi Seljestad, Tone Sydnes, John Ferkingstad, Gisle Kleppe & Vidar Frette (Stord/Haugesund College, Norway).

Diagnostics of Motivational Conflicts through Thinking Activity. 
Organized: Anastasia Karpukhina & Olga Arestova (Moscow State University, Russia).

Use of Ethological Rodent Behavior to Assess Efficacy of Potential Drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease

Organized: Robin Roof, Yoko Yabe, Bradley Snyder & Margaret Zaleska (Pfizer Global Research and Development, USA).

Who Said Pedestrian Means Dull: Observations on Street Crossing Behaviour.
Organized: Stephanie Allen, Richard Brown & Timothy O'Leary (Dalhousie University, Canada).

Development of Behavioral Measures of Osteoarthritis-Induced Pain in Rabbits.
Organized: Anna  Vardanyan, Bryan Mastis, Nance Moran, Joseph Serriello & Gloria Matthews (Genzyme Corporation, USA).

Progress with MINDS, a Testmanager for Psychological Assessment, Research and Education. Applications in the Forensic Psychiatric Domain.
Organized: Nico Brand (Utrecht University / bureau MindsWare, The Netherlands), Katinka von Borries & Erik Bulten (Pompe Stichting, The Netherlands).

Effects of CGP7930 on Spontaneous Behavior, Anxiety and Learning in Immature Rats. 
Organized: Katerina Ticha, Anna Mikulecka & Pavel Mares (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic).

Stereoscopic Motion Analysis of Giant Honeybees. 
Organized: Michael Maurer (Graz University of Technology, Austria), Frank Weihmann, Matthias Rüther & Thomas Hötzl (Graz University of Technology, Austria) & Madhusudan Man Singh (Tribhuvan University, Nepal).

Flaxseed Doesn’t Improve Recognition Memory in Ovariectomized Rats.  Organized: Samira Boulbaroud, Abdelhalim Mesfioui, Fatima-zahra El Mrabet, Aboubaker El hessni (Unit of Neuroendocrine Physiology, Faculty of sciences, BP:133.Kenitra, Morocco).

Use of Automated Tracking System Across Anxiety and Depression Models in Rodents.

Organized: Patrick De Haes, Michel Meynen, Kim Hoeks, Theo F. Meert & J. Adriaan Bouwknecht (Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, Belgium).

Induction and Measurement of Basic Emotions in Subjects and the Influence of Multisensory Stimuli. 
Organized: Rineke Valstar & Marco Hoeksma (Unilever R&D, The Netherlands).

Microstructural  Assessment of Rodent Behavior in the Hole-Board Experimental Assay.
Organized: Maurizio Casarrubea, Filippina Sorbera, Andrea Santangelo & Giuseppe Crescimanno (University of Palermo, Palermo, Italy)

Using Multivariate Analysis for Comparing Locomotor Patterns of Sprague-Dawley Rats from Different European Breeders. 
Organized: Theresa Andreasson, Jenny Börjesson, Elisabeth Ljung, Katarina Rydén Markinhuhta & Marianne Thorngren (Neurosearch Sweden AB).

Development and Evaluation of a Rat Water Maze System: Impact of Maze Size and Other Variables on Performance. 
Organized: Liesbeth Mertens & Darrel J Pemberton (Janssen Pharmaceutica, Belgium).

Video Tracking Analysis of Contextual Fear Conditioning for the Screening of Anti-Alzheimer Drugs after Acute Administration in Tg2576 Mice.
Organized: Luca Lorenzini, Alessandro Giuliani, Marco Gusciglio, & Luciana Giardino (University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy) & Bruno Imbimbo (Chiesi Farmaceutici, Italy).

Measurement of Locomotor Activity in Rodents: Design of a Compact, Multifunctional, User-Friendly and High Throughput System. 
Organized: Hansfried V.M.M. Van Craenendonck, Anton A.H.P. Megens & Darrel J. Pemberton (Janssen Pharmaceutica, Belgium).

The Links between Behavioral Markers of Performance, Personality and Communication.

Organized: Márta Juhász, Juliánna Katalin Soós & Balázs Péter Hámornik (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary).

Food Attractiveness and Gazing Behaviour. 
Organized: Klaus Duerrschmid, Max Joechl & Martin Haindl (University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Austria).

Delay Intolerance Task: Different Impact of Timeout Duration on Impulsive and Non-Impulsive Rats.
Organized: Francesca Zoratto, Giovanni Laviola, & Walter Adriani (Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Italy).

Quality Monitoring and Analysis of Open Field Behavior in Rats by Means of Multivariate Analysis. 
Organized: Johan Kullingsjo, Theresa Andreasson, Ylva Sunesson & Henrik Ponten (Neurosearch Sweden AB).

Different Interpretation of the Hot Plate test in Rats.
Organized: Thomas  Pitcher, Janet Nicholson & Ian Machin (Pfizer Global R+D, England).

Preliminary Study of Behaviour and Acoustic Emissions in European Spiny Lobster Palinurus Elephas during the Interaction with Predators.
Organized: Giuseppa Buscaino, Francesco Filiciotto, Gaspare Buffa, Antonio Bellante & Vincenzo Di Stefano (National Research Council, Italy).

Combining an Operant Chamber Paradigm with [18F] Fluorodeoxyglucose MicroPET Imaging.
Organized: Christine Marx & Heiko Backes (Max-Planck-Institute for Neurological Research, Germany), Wolfgang Hauber (Department of Animal Physiology, University of Stuttgart, Germany), Björn Lex & Carsten Calaminius (University Hospital Tübingen, Germany).

The FischFITMonitor - A New System for Monitoring Multiple Physiological and Behavioural Parameters in Fish.
Organized: Georg Staaks, Daniela Baganz, & Oliver Jauernig (Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Germany), Carsten Brockmann (Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration, Germany), & Ullrich Balzer (Humboldt-Universität Berlin, Germany).

Spatial ECG of the Rat During Spatial Navigation.
Organized: Thomas Gener, Diego Lopez, Lorena Perez-Mendez (IDIBAPS, Spain), Christoph Guger & Engelbert Grünbacher (g.tec, Austria).

Analysis of the Spatiotemporal Distribution of Behavior from an Interbehavioral Point of View: Molar Measures and Adjustment Indexes.
  Organized: Mario Serrano & Emilio Ribes (Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico).

Foraging Behavior of Yellowjacket Workers and Worker-Larva Trophallaxis towards Feeding Baits Laced with Fipronil.
Organized: Tomislav Curkovic, Carolina Ballesteros & Jaime Araya (University of Chile).

Automatic Facial Emotion Recognition in Online Psychotherapy. 
Organized: Lorena Alejandra  Flores-Plata & Georgina Cárdenas-López (National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico).

Use of Environmental Light Cycles to Distinguish Circadian Regulation from Direct Light Modulation of Cognitive Functions in Mice.
Organized: Cara Altimus, Tara LeGates & Samer Hattar (John Hopkins University, USA).

Postnatal Exposure to Clonazepam Leads to Cognitive Deficits in Adult Rats.
Organized: Martin Šubrt, Anna Mikulecká & Hana Kubová (Academy of sciences of the Czech Republic).

Studying the Modulation of Brain Rythms by Dynamic Cues.
Organized: Diego Lopez-Pigozzi, Julita de la Vega, Lorena Perez, Thomas Gener & Mavi Sanchez-Vives (IDIBAPS, Spain).

Combinatorial Measurement of Sleep and Wheel Running Activity to Examine the Interaction Between Light and Drug Administration in Mice.
Organized: Tara LeGates & Samer Hattar (John Hopkins University).

Measuring Stress and Cognitive Load Effects on the Perceived Quality of a Multimodal Dialogue System. 
Organized: Andreea Niculescu & Betsy van van Dijk (University of Twente, The Netherlands).

A Systematic Review on Randomization and Permutation Tests in the Educational and Behavioral Sciences.
Organized: Ming Huo, Mieke Heyvaert, Wim Van Den Noortgate & Patrick Onghena (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium).

Pattern recognition methods – a novel analysis for the pupillographic sleepiness test.
Jarek Krajewski and Sebastian Schnieder (University of Wuppertal, Germany), Tobias Peters and Barbara Wilhelm (University of Tübingen, Germany).

The Utility of Dynamic Systems Modeling and an Observational Measure for Examining Family Interactional Behavior.
Organized: Jochebed Gayles (The Pennsylvania State University, USA).

Olfactory Perception Test for Adequate Socio-bio-behavioral Pharmacological Researches. 
Organized: Alina Amikishieva & Alexey Kholodar (Institute of Cytology and Genetics of Siberian Division of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation).

Group Preparedness for Risk in the Environment of Social Instability.
Organized: Natalja Mihejeva (Daugavpils University, Latvia).

TRACKMATE (v. 1.0): A Versatile Program for Automated Tracking of Behaviour in Laboratory Rodents.
Organized: Esther Remmelink (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Michael Bowen, Robert Dielenberg & Iain McGregor (The University of Sydney, Australia) & Paul Halasz (Motion Mensura Ltd, Australia).

TRACKMATE SOCIAL (v 0.9): Beta Software for the Automated Measurement of Rodent Social Behaviour.
Organized: Michael Bowen & Iain McGregor (The University of Sydney, Australia), Esther Remmelink (VU University, Amsterdam), Robert Dielenberg & Paul Halasz (Motion Mensura Ltd, Australia).

The Use of Wildlife Cameras to Monitor Pig Behavior During Commercial Long Distance Transport.
Organized: Katja van Driel, Richard Heath, Janet Talling, (The Food and Environment Research Agency, UK) , Heleen van de Weerd & Peter Kettlewell (ADAS UK Ltd.).

An Automated Tracking Algorithm for Quantitative Group Behavior studies.
  Organized: Haishan Wu (Fudan University, China).

The compensatory tracking task: a pattern recognition based approach for classifying vigilance
Corinne Schenka, Thomas Schnupp, Christian Heinze, Jarek Krajewski and Martin Golz (FH Schmalkalden, Germany).

PhenoMaster: Automated Homecage System for Studying Behavior in Neurodegenerative Rodent Models  
Organized: Esteban Portal (University of Tubingen, Germany).

The BacHD rat: A new rat Model of Huntington´s Disease Expressing the Full-length Mutant Huntingtin.
Organized: Laura Emily Clemens, Libo Yu, Esteban Portal, Jasmin Ehrismann & Huu Phuc Nguyen (University of Tübingen, Germany).

CROWD SAFETY ARCHITECTURE - Measuring Levels of Safeness. 
Organized: Maarten Douwe Bredero (Architect Maarten Douwe Bredero, The Netherlands).

Free Exploration of an Elevated Plus-Maze in Mice.
Organized: Vincent Roy (Université de Rouen, France).

Work Units in Tutorials Software for Learning Mathematics. 
Organized: Laurent Souchard (University of Paris, Diderot, France).