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User meetings

User meetings provide a forum in which participants can exchange experiences and suggestions about tools for measuring behavior with each other and with the tools' manufacturers. Participants have the chance to influence the future development of the tools they use in their research.

These meetings generally can consist of presentations in which company staff address technical details and future directions of product development, or panel discussions in which users can ask questions and present their ideas.

These meetings provide forums in which users:

  • Exchange information and experience with fellow users
  • Learn about the latest product developments
  • View prototypes of new products
  • Discuss product development, release schedules, installation and support procedures, etc.

User meeting
The following user meetings are organized:

Theme user meeting
Organizer: Gudberg K. Jonsson (PatternVission Ltd., Reykjavik, Iceland)

EthoVision user meeting
Organizer: Ruud Tegelenbosch (Product Manager, Noldus Information Technology)

The Observer user meeting
Organizer: Niek Wilmink (Product Manager, Noldus Information Technology)

CatWalk user meeting
Organizer: Reinko Roelofs (Product Manager, Noldus Information Technology)