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Conference program

Like the previous meetings, Measuring Behavior 2010 will offer an attractive mix of oral papers, poster presentations, technical demonstrations, tutorials and workshops teaching how to use software and other tools, user meetings organized by manufacturers, scientific tours to research facilities in and around Eindhoven, a panel debate, an exhibition of scientific books, instruments, and software, and of course a very pleasant social program. 

A copy of the conference program is available for download! [pdf]

Presentation formats

  • Symposia - Measuring Behavior symposia consist to a series of scientific presentations around a common theme related to the general theme of measuring behavior.
  • Paper sessions - Paper sessions will be divided in full paper sessions and poster presentations. Posters will be on display throughout the conference and in scheduled poster sessions.
  • Demonstration showcase - Scientists who have developed a prototype of a measuring device or a beta version of new software that is relevant to the theme of the conference will be invited to demonstrate it at the the meeting.
  • Tutorials - Tutorials provide a valuable opportunity to instruct participants of in specific methods, techniques and equipment for behavioral research.
  • User Meetings - These sessions include presentations about new developments, demonstrations of new products and a panel discussion.
  • Workshops - Workshops are interactive discussions about specific aspects of measuring techniques.

Additional conference activities

  • Scientific Tours - Research facilities in and around Eindhoven will offer guided tours to conference delegates. The scientific tours will take place on Thursday 26 August.
  • Social Program - The program will include various informal occasions where one meet colleagues while enjoying another side of Eindhoven and its surroundings.
  • Exhibition - International companies can participate in a commercial exhibition of instruments and software.