Measuring Behavior 2018: Call for Hosting

The organizing committee of Measuring Behavior is inviting bids for hosting the next, 11th Measuring Behavior conference. The conference is planned for 3 days in May 2018. We anticipate it will have roughly the same format as previous years (see, but we are also open to new ideas. We encourage bids from all over Europe.

If you would be interested in hosting the conference, please answer the following questions:

Conference chair(s)

We anticipate that at least one conference chair will be the local host (it is possible that the conference organization will recruit more chairs to cover all relevant disciplines). Please give a brief (ca. 100 word per person) description of who you are and what your research interest is.

Supporting staff

Conference chairs are often professors and thus busy people. Do you have colleagues who can help with organizing the conference?

Program content

Traditionally, the Measuring Behavior conferences have hosted a large number of symposia organized by symposia chairs. The symposia are a substantial and essential part of the conference.

  • How will you help recruit symposia chairs?
  • Are there other research groups in your own region who are likely candidates?
  • Do you have any ideas to renew the content of the conference?
  • What possibilities are there for social events and scientific tours of facilities in the same city?

Meeting venue, location and conference facilities

Normally Measuring Behavior has 4-5 parallel sessions, with rooms of capacity of 100 – 250 people, plus an area for 40 - 80 posters and an area for the exhibition. We normally have about 250 to 350 delegates in total.

  • What conference facilities do you have to offer? 
  • What are the costs associated with hiring those facilities?
  • What dates are they available for in May 2018?
  • What are the public transport and hotel facilities near to the conference center?
  • Is there a significant research community measuring the behavior of people and animals in your region?


Do you have access to governmental agencies or corporations that may be interested in being connected to the conference and providing financial support? Is your institution able to sponsor the conference and/or take financial responsibility?

Other comments

Please explain in one paragraph why your location is especially suitable for Measuring Behavior 2018. Please return the completed form before 25th April 2016 at the latest to Andrew Spink, chair of the program committee (

We aim to announce the next venue at Measuring Behavior 2016 in Dublin.