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Demonstration Showcase

Ìn the Demonstration Showcase, a prototype of a measuring device or a beta version of your new software is shown. 

Measuring Behavior is the perfect forum for developers and inventors to get feedback from colleagues and potential users. Demonstrations can be of new commercial products, but the focus must be on the technical, not commercial aspects.

Demonstrations normally last 1/2 hour. There will be an award for the best demonstration. Demonstrations take place either adjacent to a related poster or in a seminar room.

The following demonstrations have been accepted:

  • Decisim: A digital version of Information Display Board (IDB) experimental technique by Christine PETR (Political Insitute of Rennes)
  • Three-dimensional phenotyping with Track3D by Fabrizio Grieco (Noldus IT)
  • Multimodal sensing system to enhance baby monitoring by Koen de Groot (Philips Research)
  • Mindware Ambulatory 2.0 Acquisitions and Mindware/ Noldus Systems Integration Enhancements by Gene Barbanera (Miindware)
  • Indoor marker-less people tracking for real-time spatial behaviour detection by Ben Locke (Noldus IT)
  • Introducing SESAMO: System for Experience Sampling on Mobiles by Anna van Spanje (Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid)
  • Automated assessment of animal health and wellbeing (Berry M. Spruijt (Utrecht University), Lucas Noldus (Noldus Information Technology), Raymond de Heer (Delta Phenomics), Dag Hovden (TeleMetronics Biomedical), Marco Hooijer (Metris) and Suzanne Peters (Delta Phenomics).  This presentation is not in the Program Book, and will take place in Room A at 14:00 on Friday. More info.


 The full conference program is now available, including details of the demonstrations:

There are also some changes to the published program.