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Presentations: Index by Author

This page lists all accepted oral presentations and posters presented by conference participants, ordered alphabetically by first author.

Aa, N., van der; Noldus, L.; Veltkamp, R.
Video-Based Multi-person Human Motion Capturing

Addessi, A.R.; Ferrari, L.
Observing Flow in Child/Music Machine Interaction 

Agrillo, C.; Miletto Petrazzini, M.E.; Piffer, L.; Dadda, M.; Bisazza, A.
Fish as a Model to Study Non-verbal Numerical Abilities 

Akker, H. op den; Jones, V.M.; Moualed, L.S.; Hermens, H.J.
A Context-Aware Adaptive Feedback Agent for Activity Monitoring and Coaching

Alders, M.; Hemert, J.M. van; Pauwelussen, J.; Heffelaar, T.; Happee, R.; Pauwelussen, J.
Managing Driver Workload Using Continuous Driver Workload Assessment 

Alizadeh, S.; Kanis, M.; Veenstra, M.
Itour: Using Ambient Intelligence to Support Tourism 

Arakawa, T.; Takahashi, A.; Tanave, A.; Kakihara, S.; Kimura, S.; Sugimoto, H.; Shiroishi, T.; Tomihara, K.; Koide, T.; Tsuchiya, T.
A Markov Transition Score for Characterizing Interactive Behavior of Two Animals and its Application to Genetic Background Analysis of Social Behavior of Mouse 

Bandini, S.; Gorrini, A.; Manenti, L.; Vizzari, G.
Crowd and Pedestrian Dynamics: Empirical Investigation and Simulation 

Becker, N.; Jones, M.W.
Neural Correlates of a Spatial Learning Task in Parietal Cortex, Prefrontal Cortex and Hippocampus 

Belviranlı, M.; Nurullahoğlu Atalık, K.E.; Okudan, N.; Gökbel, H.
Age, Sex and Anxiety Affect Locomotor Activity in Rats 

Belviranlı, M.; Nurullahoğlu Atalık, K.E.; Okudan, N.; Gökbel, H.
Effects of Age, Sex and Anxiety on Spatial Learning and Memory in Rats 

Berolo, S.; Steenstra, I.; Amick III, B.C.; Wells, R.P.
A Comparison of Two Methods to Assess Mobile Hand-Held Communication Device Use 

Beun, R.J.
The Role of Behavior Measurement in Persuasive Settings

Bianchi-Berthouze, N.
What Can Body Movement Tell Us About Players’ Engagement?

Boughorbel, S.; Bruekers, F.; Groot, K. de
Pressure-Sensor System for Sleeping-Posture Classification 

Bredero, M.D.
School Safety Architecture – How to Measure Perceptions of Safeness 

Broek, E.L. van den
On Making Engagement Tangible

Buske, C.; Gerlai, R.
Diving Deeper into Zebrafish Development of Social Behavior: Analyzing High Resolution Data 

Bussey, T.
The Touchscreen Cognitive Testing Method for Mice and Rats 

Casarrubea, M.; Magnusson, M.S.; Roy, V.; Arabo, A.; Sorbera, F.; Santangelo, A.; Crescimanno, G.
Temporal Patterns of Rodent Behavior in the Elevated Plus Maze Test 

Casarrubea, M.; Magnusson, M.S.; Roy, V.; Arabo, A.; Sorbera, F.; Santangelo, A.; Crescimanno, G.
Temporal Patterns of Rodent Behavior in the Elevated Plus Maze Test (poster) 

Craenendonck, H. van; Donck, L. ver; Pemberton, D.J.
Rodent Fear Conditioning: Development and Pharmacological Validation of a Video-Based Freezing Detection System

Cremers, P.W.F.H.; Geutjes, S.L.
The Cause of Stereotypic Behaviour in a Male Polar Bear (Ursus Maritimus) 

Cristani, M.
Social Computer Vision for Group Behavior Analysis 

Crüts, B.; Römkens, P.
Quantitative EEG for the Diagnosis of Disease States 

Damveld, H.J.; Happee, R.
Identifying Driver Behaviour in Steering: Effects of Preview Distance

Deguil, J.; Bordet, R.
Evaluating MCI in AD Patients and the Effect of Symptomatic Drug Treatment 

Delgado, C.; García, R.; Navarro, J.I.; Hinojo, E.
Functional Analysis of Challenging Behaviours in People with Severe Intellectual Disabilities Using The Observer XT 10.0 Software 

Diana, B.; Zurloni, V.; Elia, M.
Imposing Cognitive Load to Unmask Prepared Lies: A Recurrent Temporal Pattern Detection Approach 

Dix, S.L.; Billa, S.; Delotterie, D.; Dorner-Ciossek, C.; Gartlon, J.; Jacobs, T.; Jones, C.A.; Lerdrup, L.; Marti, A.; Talpos, J.C.
The Use of Touchscreens as a New Tool in Mouse MCI Profiling

Dolado, R.; Quera, V.; Beltran, F.S.
A-KinGDom Program: Agent-Based Models for the Emergence of Social Organization in Primates 

Dorsselaer, P. van; Mcinnes, E.H.; Talpos, J.; Steckler, T.
The 5 Choice Continuous Performance Task: Translation to a Touch-screen Paradigm 

Eivazi, S.
Measuring Situation Awareness of the Microneurosurgeons 

Erp-van der Kooij, E. van; Almalik, O.; Eerdenburg, F.J.C.M. van
Lying Behaviour of Dairy Cows in Cubicles 

Evert, F.K. van; Nieuwenhuizen, A.T.
Obstacle Detection for Autonomous Vehicles in Agriculture 

Fabene, P.F.; Bertini, G.; Pellitteri, M.; Moscardo, E.; Salvetti, B.; Schio, F.; Chakir, A.; Tognoli, C.
Video-Based Analysis of Fear Conditioning: A Validation Test 

Fedderwitz, F.; Björklund, N.; Ninkovic, V.; Nordlander, G.
Pine Weevil (Hylobius abietis) Feeding Pattern on Conifer Seedlings 

Feese, S.; Arnrich, B.; Tröster, G.; Meyer, B.; Jonas, K.
Automatic Clustering of Conversational Patterns from Speech and Motion Data 

Feistritzer-Gröbl, P.; Nischelwitzer, A.; Saraph, V.; Holzer, H.
Game Based Physiotherapy for Treatment of Children with Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis 

Fekas, D.; Zimmerman, P.; Braak, C.J.F. ter
Data Fusion by Kernel Combination for Behavioral Data 

Fellini, L.
How Can a Touch-screen Based Visual Discrimination Help to Better Characterize Rodent Models of Schizophrenia?

Gaalen, M. van; Appl, T.; Bespalov, A.
Measuring Social Behavior in Drug Discovery 

Gerlach, G.; Hinz, C.
Olfactory Signals Involved in Kin Recognition in Zebrafish 

Gerlai, R. 
Fish in Behaviour Research: Unique Tools with a Great Promise! 

Gerlai, R.
Social Affiliation in Zebrafish: From Synthetic Images to Biological Mechanisms 

Golani, I.; Gakamsky, A.; Oron, E.; Valente, D.; Mitra, P.P.; Segal, D.; Benjamini, Y.
The Coordination between the Direction of Progression and Body Orientation in Normal, Alcohol- and Cocaine Treated Fruit Flies

Gorbunov, R.D.; Barakova, E.I.; Ahn, R.M.C.; Rauterberg, G.W.M.
Monitoring Facial Expressions During the Mars-500 Isolation Experiment 

Groot, K. de; Boughorbel, S.; Ambroise, N.; Buter, M.; Kang, J.; Loke, B.; Spreeuwers, L.; Vandenabeele, J.
Multimodal Sensing System to Enhance the Safety of Infants in the Home Environment 

Haakma, R.; Beun, R.J.
Unobtrusive Sleep Monitoring

Hammerschmidt, K.; Wadewitz, P.
Categorizing Vocal Repertoires of Nonhuman Primates 

Happee, R.; Damveld H.J.; Abbink, D.A.; Paassen, M.M. van; Mulder, M.
Driver and Pilot Identification and Model Parameter Estimation; Modelling the Visual, Vestibular, and Neuromuscular Control Loops Describing Driver and Pilot Behaviour

Harst, J.E. van der; Spruijt, B.M.
Automated Assessment of Animal Health and Wellbeing 

Hawkins, P.
Progress in Assessing Animal Welfare in Relation to New Legislation: Opportunities for Behavioral Researchers 

Helmich, I.; Lausberg, H.
Hand Movement Behavior with or without Speech Differs in its Kinetic Structure of Nonverbal Communication 

Hentzen, M.; Hovden, D.; Jansen, M.; Essen, G. van
Design and Validation of a Wireless Temperature Measurement System for Laboratory and Farm Animals 

Hilber, P.; Lorivel, T.
Measure of Anxiety and Exploration Behaviours in Cerebellar Mice Using a Simple and Unique Apparatus: Influence of Habituation on Behavioural Disinhibition 

Hintermüller, C.; Edlinger, G.; Guger, C.
Generic Tool for Online Classification of Physical and Mental Workload 

Hoogeboom, A.M.G.M.; Wilderom, C.P.M.
Behavioral Dynamics (in Staff Meetings): What Patterns Lead To Success? 

Hörsten, S. von; Plank, A.C.; Urbach, Y.; Canneva, F.
Combining Classical and Automated Neurophenotyping in Mice and Rats 

Hung, H,; Poppe, R.; Sturm, J.
Measuring behaviour in open spaces 

Iborra-Bernad, C.; Wathelet, O.; Giboreau, A.
Measuring Bread Use in a French Restaurant. A Naturalistic Approach: Grid Analysis for the French Culture 

Jirkof, P. 
Monitoring Burrowing and Nest Building Behavior as Species-specific Indicators of Animal Wellbeing 

Joosten, B.; Postma, E.; Krahmer, E.; Swerts, M.; Kim, J.
Automated Measurement of Spontaneous Surprise 

Kircherm, K.; Ahlström, C.
Can We Trust Driver Behaviour Assessment? Examples from Research in Simulators and in the Field

Klaassen, R.; Akker, R. op den
Inter-usability and the Presentation of Multi-modal Feedback for Physical Activity and Diabetic Type II Patients 

Klonek, F.E.; Kauffeld, S.
Sustainability Goes Change Talk: Can Motivational Interviewing Be Used to Increase Pro-Environmental behavior?

Kloth, K.J.; Thoen, M.P.M.; Bouwmeester, H.J.; Jongsma, M.A.; Dicke, M.
High-Throughput Phenotyping of Plant Resistance to Insects 

Koldijk, S.J.; Neerincx, M.A.; Kraaij, W.
Unobtrusively Measuring Stress and Workload of Knowledge Workers 

Kooi, F.L.; Ledegang, W.D.
Dealing with False Alarms in Camera Surveillance 

Lafuente, D.; Bellés, M.; Gonzalo, S.; Domingo, J.L.; Linares, V.
Internal Low Dose Ionising Radiation in Pregnant Mice: Behavioral Effects in the Offspring 

Lange, F.; Bosse, S.; Eggert, F.
Approaching Real World Behavior: Enhancing External Validity of Psychological Research 

Lange, M.; Norton, W.H.J.; Chaminade, M.; Vernier, P.; Lesch, K.P; Bally-Cuif, L.
Zebrafish Assays to Measure ADHD Endophenotypes 

Leach, M. 
The Assessment of Pain Using Facial Expressions in Laboratory Rodents 

Leeuwen, P.M. van; Winter, J.C.F. de; Happee, R. 
Can we Discriminate Safe and Unsafe Visual Scanning in Multitask Driving Conditions?

Lewejohann, L.; Grauthoff, S.; Heiming, R.S.; Jansen, F.; Kaiser, S.; Schmitt, A.G.; Sachser, N.
Different Spatial Learning Performance of 5-Htt Knockout Mice on Land or Water 

Linden, A.M.; Procaccini, C.; Lehtomäki, M.
Do Outbred ICR:CD1 Mice Form Attentional Sets in a Bait Digging Attentional Set-Shifting Procedure? 

Lindenthal, M.
Eliciting Control Errors and Measuring Error Correlates 

Lukas, M.; Toth, I.; Neumann, I.D.
Central Neuropeptides Social Recognition, Social Preference and Social Fear in Rodents 

Mahieu, M.; Willems, R.; Hoekstra, L.; Donck, L. ver
Automated Detection of Aberrant Behaviour of Mice on the Rotarod: Use of EthoVision XT® 

Malik, J.A.; Koot, H.M.
Validating the Cross-Validation: A 3-Dimensional Model for Multiple Informant Data (3D-MMID) 

Malinova, M.; Filova, B.; Babickova, J.; Tothova, L.; Ostatnikova, D.; Celec, P.; Hodosy, J.
Rapid Behavioral Effects of Sex Hormones in Rats 

Manolov, R.; Solanas, A.
Assigning and Combining Probabilities in Single-Case Studies 

Mar, A.C.; Alsiö, J.; Haddenhorst, A.; Wallis, C.U.; Trecker, A.; Saksida, L.M.; Bussey, T.J.; Robbins, T.W.
Assessment of Behavioural Flexibility and Executive Function Using Novel Touch Screen Paradigms 

Marina, R.; González, P.; Barrio, J.P.
Effect of Quercetin on the Short-term Impairment of Learning Induced by X-rays in Wistar Rats. Nonlinear Regression Analysis of Morris Water Maze Latencies 

McCormick, W. 
Recognising and Assessing Positive Welfare: Developing Positive Indicators for Use in Welfare Assessment 

Melis, V.; Riedel, G.; Harrington, C.R.
Spatial Learning Characteristics of Transgenic Mice as Revealed by Detailed Video-Analysis Using EthoVision 

Moscardo, E.; Salvetti, B.; Becchi, S.; Bertini, G.; Fabene, P.F.
The Novel Object Recognition Test in Rodents: Which Are the Essential Methodological Aspects? 

Neufeld, C.
Speech Inversion with Acoustic Classification 

Nijholt, A.; Vinciarelli, A.
Measuring Engagement: Affective and Social Cues in Interactive Media

Nimwegen, C. van; Oostendorp, H. van; Serlie, A.; Modderman, J.
Assessing the Personality Trait Compliance in a Game Context 

Noordzij, M.; Scholten, P.; Laroy-Noordzij, M.
Measuring Electrodermal Activity of Both Individuals With Severe Mental Disabilities and Their Caretakers During Episodes of Challenging Behavior 

Oczak, M.; Costa, A.M.; Ismailova, G.; Sonoda. L.T.; Fels, M.; Hartung, J.; Guarino, M.; Viazzi, S.; Berckmans, D.; Vranken, E.
Analysis of Sequences in Aggressive Interactions of Pigs for the Development of an Automatic Aggression Monitoring and Control System 

Orlov, P.A.; Ivanov, V.M.
Assessment of Level of Professional Competence of Programmers 

Paranjpe, D.A.; Cooper, R.D.; Patten, A.; Sinervo, B.
Measuring Thermal Profile of Reptiles in Laboratory and Field 

Pasch, M.; Landoni, M.
Building Corpora of Bodily Expressions of Affect 

Pelkowski, S.D.; Richendrfer, A.H.; Colwill, R.M.; Creton, R.
Automated Analyses of Behavior in Zebrafish Larvae 

Pellitteri, M.; Colavito, V.; Moscardo, E.; Schio, F.; Salvetti, B.; Bentivoglio, M.; Fabene, P.F.; Bertini, G.
New Insight for the Study of Mild Cognitive Impairment: The Novel Object Recognition Task and the Single Day Morris Water Maze in Total Sleep Deprived Rats

Platt, B.; Wicke, K.
Electrophysiological Correlates of Behaviour 

Plucinska, K.; Strachan, L.; Peeters, D.; Platt, B.; Riedel, G.
Social Transmission of Food Preference in C57BL/6 Mice 

Poppe, R.; Heffelaar, T.; Bieger, J.
Technical Support for Analysis of Human Error in Task Performance 

Postma, M.; Postma, E.
Individual Differences in F0 Imitation: Causes and Effects 

Putze, F.; Schultz, T.
Cognitive Technical Systems 

Ravignani, A.; Tecumseh Fitch, W.
Sonification of Experimental Parameters as a New Method for Efficient Coding of Behavior 

Reidsma, D.; Tetteroo, D.; Nijholt, A.
Making Ambient Spaces into Playgrounds

Rhaman, A.; Pifferi, F.; Languille, S.; Picq, J.L.; Aujard, F.
The Circular Platform Task for Evaluation of Mci in the Grey Mouse Lemur (Microcebus murinus), a Non-human Primate Model

Robens, A.; Rutten, K.; Schiene, K.; Pasqualon, T.; Christoph, T.
Burrowing as a Non-reflex Behavioral Readout for Analgesic Action in a Rat Model of Knee Joint Arthritis 

Robinson, L.; Plano, A.; Goonawardena, A.; Platt, B.; Riedel, G.
Modulation of Sleep-Wake Cycles in Mice and Rats with Cannabinoids 

Robinson, L.; Riedel, G.
Comparison of Home-Cage Activity Systems Using Transgenic Mouse Lines and Pharmacological Interventions

Salvetti, B.; Becchi, S.; Schio, F.; Moscardo, E.; Bertini, G.; Fabene, P.F.; Osculati, F.
Evaluation of Alterations in Behaviour, Cognition, and Neuronal Excitability Induced by Administration of QTracker® 800 Quantum Dots 

Schaap, M.W.H.; Arndt, S.S.; Hellebrekers, L.J.
Measuring Pain-Related Behaviour in Four Inbred Rat Strains. Differences in Hot Plate Behaviour 

Schakman, O.; Zanou, N.; Shapovalov, G.; Gallo, C.; Dietrich, A.; Lebacq, J.; Ruegg, U.; Birnbaumer, L.; Gailly, P.
In Vivo Characterization of the Role of Trpc1 Channel in Skeletal Muscle Function 

Seffer, D.; Schwarting, R.K.W.; Wöhr, M. 
Ultrasonic Communication in Rats: Insights from Playback Studies 

Shaaban, K.
On Road Observational Survey of Seat Belt Use Among Young Drivers in Qatar

Shaaban, K.
Studying Driver’s Lane Changing Behavior Under Heavy Traffic Volumes

Slabbekoorn, H. 
Measuring Behavioural Changes to Assess Anthropogenic Noise Impact in Adult Zebrafish (Danio Rerio) 

Slabbekoorn, H.
Measuring Behavioural Changes to Assess Anthropogenic Noise Impact on Singing Birds 

Sluis, F. van der; Dijk, E.M.A.G. van; Perloy, L.M.
Measuring Fun and Enjoyment of Children in a Museum: Evaluating the Smileyometer

Smets, N.J.J.M; Neerincx, M.A.; Looije, R.
Measuring User Behavior in a Complex USAR Team Evaluation 

Solanas, A.; Selvam, R.M.; Navarro, J.; Leiva, D.
Some Common Indices of Group Diversity: Upper Boundaries 

Solati, J.; Moll, G.H.; Dawirs, R.R.; Golub, Y.
Effects of Maternal Infection on Anxiety and Depression-like Behaviours of Offspring 

Spek, E.D. van der
Effects of Playing a Serious Game: A Comparison of Different Cognitive and Affective Measures 

Spruijt, B.M.; Heer, R.C. de
A SWOT Analysis on Automating “Measuring Behaviour”

Stover, K.R.; O’Leary, T.P.; Brown, R.E.
A Computer-Based Application for Rapid Unbiased Classification of Swim Paths in the Morris Water Maze

Stover, K.R.; O’Leary, T.P.; Brown, R.E.
A Computer-Based Application for Rapid Unbiased Classification of Swim Paths in the Morris Water Maze (poster)

Sutcliffe, J.; Hutcheson, D.
Perspectives on the Non-Human Primate Touch-Screen Self Ordered Spatial Search Paradigm 

Talpos, J.C.
The Development of a Diverse Battery of Behavioral Tasks Using Touchscreen Equipped Operant Boxes for the Study of Cognition in the Rodent 

Talpos, J.C.
Pharmacological Manipulation of a Rodent Paired Associates Learning (Pal) Paradigm, and other Tasks for Use in Disease Research

Tang, T.; Huang, S.
Development of a Scale for Fast Screening of Fatigue Syndrome from Mental Illness 

Tarragon, E.; Lopez, L.; Ros-Bernal, F.; Yuste, J.E.; Ortiz-Cullera, V.; Martin, E.; Schenker, E.; Aujard, F.; Bordet, R.; Richardson, J.C.; Herrero, M.T.
The Radial Arm Maze (RAM) for the Evaluation of Working and Reference Memory Deficits in the Diurnal Rodent Octodon degus

Teijlingen, W. van; Broek, E.L. van den; Könemann, R.; Schavemaker, J.G.M.
Towards Sensing Behavior Using the Kinect 

Trecker, A.; Robbins, T.W.; Mar, A.C.
Development of a Visual-guided Probabilistic Selection Task for Rats 

Tsoneva, T.; Garcia-Molina, G.
The Neural Origins and Applications of Human Error Processing 

Tucci, V.
Home-cage Automated Cognitive Phenotyping in Mice

Tucci, V. 
Sleep, Circadian Rhythms and Interval Timing 

Ugille, M.; Moeyaert, M.; Beretvas, S.N.; Ferron, J.; Noortgate, W. van den
Multilevel Meta-Analysis of Single-Subject Experimental Designs 

Uyl, M. den
Watching People Making Errors: Vision Architectures for Monitoring Task Performance 

Vanderschuren, L.J.M.J.; Achterberg, E.J.M.; Baarendse, P.J.J.; Damsteegt, R.; Kerkhof, L.W.M. van; Trezza, V.
Studying the Neurobehavioral Mechanisms of Social Behavior in Adolescent Rats 

Vijgh, B. van der; Beun, R.J.; Werkhoven, P.
Controlled Game-Based Stress Manipulation 

Walker, D.J.; Keay-Bright, W.; Cobner, D.
Autism and Somantics: Capturing Behaviour In The Wild 

Weegen, S. van der, Verwey, R.; Spreeuwenberg, MD.; Tange, H.J.; Weijden, T. van der, Witte, L.P. de
It's LiFe!: A Monitoring- and Feedback Tool to Stimulate Physical Activity, Embedded in Primary Care 

Weiss, O.; Keren, H.; Mort, J.; Eilam, D.
The Difference Between Sport Rituals, OCD Rituals, and Daily Routines: The Possible Adaptive Value of Seemingly Unnecessary Acts 

Weiss, S.; Yaski, O.; Blumenfeld-Lieberthal, E.; Portugali, J.; Eilam, D.
Application of a Network-Analysis Algorithm for the Definition of Locations in Open Field Behavior: How Rats Establish Behavioral Symmetry in Spatial Asymmetry 

Westerink, J.; Boxtel, A. van; Fitzpatrick, G.; IJsselsteijn, W.; Janssen, J.; Ouwerkerk, M.; Overbeek, T.; Slovak, P.; Vries, G.J. de; Zwaag, M. van der 
Unobtrusive Emotion Sensing in Everyday Life 

Wicke, K.M.; Gross, G.
NMDA Receptor Antagonists Induce Antidepressant-like Sleep Changes: A Translational Model from Rats to Humans? 

Winter, J.C.F. de; Leeuwen, P.M. van; Happee, R.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Driving Simulators: A Discussion

Wöhr, M.; Gaalen, M. van
Social Behavior and Communication – From Mice to Primates 

Wöhr, M.
Ultrasonic Communication in Mouse Models of Autism 

Wolfer, D.P; Voikar, V.; Vannoni, E.; Colacicco, G.; Lipp, H.P.
Mouse Phenotyping in the IntelliCage: From Spontaneous Behavior to Cognitive Function

Wouters, P.
Structural Knowledge Assessment: Change in Cognitive Structure Due to Playing a Serious Game 

Yachmennikova, A.A.; Poyarkov, A.D.
How to Describe the Process of the Establishment of a Social System Within a Wolf Pup Model Group Using Traditional Ethological Indexes and the Detection of Hidden Patterns 

Zaman, B.; Abeele, V. vanden
Player-Centric Game Design: Adding UX Laddering to the Method Toolbox for Player Experience Measurement 

Zee, E.A, van der; Riedel, G.; Postema, F.; Venema, B.J.; Keijser, J.N.
Whole Body Vibration and Spatial Learning: c-Fos and ChAT as Neuronal Correlates of Cognitive Improvements

Zon, G.D.R.
Selection of a Measurement Battery for Human Behaviour Assessment in Serious Games in the Aviation Domain

Zulu, H.
Performance of Rural and Urban Adult Participants in Neuropsychological Tests in Zambia