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Measuring Behavior 2012 will be an ideal opportunity to show your products and services to a group of dedicated researchers and scientists.

Exhibition sold out!
Download your copy of the Exhibitor and Sponsor prospectus or contact the conference secretariat for more information.

We expect some 300-350 highly qualified researchers in the broadest range of behavioral disciplines, including

  • behavioral neuroscience; 
  • cognitive, developmental or social psychology; 
  • human factors research; 
  • movement science;  
  • consumer behavior; 
  • psychology, 
  • psychiatry; 
  • psychophysiology; 
  • public safety; 
  • smart homes;
  • ethology; 
  • behavioral ecology; 
  • neurotoxicology, etc. 

Each of them has an explicit interest in scientific data collection and analysis.

There are many reasons why you should exhibit at Measuring Behavior 2012. 

Since the conference focuses on methodology and techniques, products related to behavioral research and its integration with physiological measurements are expected to receive extra attention.

The exhibition will be integrated with other conference activities: poster displays, demonstrations, special interest group sessions, and more, which will encourage participants to visit your booth.