Wireless shirt for ECG and Respiration

Organizer: Aleksandar Dimov (BIOPAC Systems, Inc.)

Description: BIOPAC systems Inc will demonstrate a new smart fabric shirt which enables long-term recording of ECG and Respiration without the need for gel or electrodes. In a live demo, data will be collected from the shirt, as well as additional sensors, to collect at least the following: Electrocardiogram, Respiration, Electrodermal Activity, Pulse, and Activity. Signals will be recorded using wireless Bionomadix equipment.
The data from the smart fabric shirt is high quality and similar to the data recorded by wired systems in the lab. We will demonstrate the analysis procedure for scoring these signals along with synchronized video and GPS data. The system can be used in the lab or in the field or even at home and can be expanded to include numerous additional signals such as impedance cardiography, accelerometry, EEG, etc. Furthermore, the system offers easy integration with the Observer XT software.