- the easy way to run open field test video tracking online

Organizer: Andreas Briese (eduToolbox@ Bri-C GmbH)

Description: is a new platform to do video tracking of open field test recordings online without any locally software other than a browser needed. It is aimed on scientists who do open field tests in research sporadically.

The platform is powered by a new & fast tracking software that processes five minutes of video (qvga 352x288) with 25 frames per second at less than a minute. Larger video formats are scaled down automatically.

Particular attention was paid to the ease of use of the platform. The client enters his email address, chooses the video file for upload and clicks for submission. This starts rescaling, if needed, and a first analysis of the track. In a second screen the results of this analysis are presented and the basic metric information about the tracking is asked from the user. The area of the open field arena is marked by mouse clicking in a preview video. After this step the tracking starts immediately.      

Tracking is based on image contrast and high accuracy is guarantied by choosing between various algorithms based on video quality on frame level. When uploading a recording the sequence is scanned for missing (black) frames. And within an amplifying range tracking works fine with low light conditions too.

Optimal precision of distance measurement is granted by smoothing tracking point wobbling and calculating a filtered movement score beside the raw tracking point distance measurement.

Results of the tracking can be controlled instantly after processing. In a split screen the tracking point is presented in a 3D graph (time over arena) and an overlay over the video display. High resolution tracking results in csv format can be downloaded using a link at this control screen.

The use of the platform is free of charge in spring and summer 2016. After the induction period the service will offer a minute of video charge and bulk prices in the range of 1.50 to 2.00 €/minute.

At the showcase the use of the platform will be demonstrated and further insights into the use of high resolution tracking data will be given.

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