Poster sessions II

Poster sizes will be A0 portrait or A1 landscape.

Thursday 26 May 2016 

• ART - Automated Rodent Tracker. Hewitt, Brett Michael; Yap, Moi Hoon; Grant, Robyn A

• We can see comfort now... How measuring behaviour might help to objectively assess comfort perception. Bouwens, Joyce M.A.; Schultheis, Udo W.; Vink, Peter

• Studying Episodic Memory of Rats in the Morris Water-maze. Ernyei, Aliz Judit; Császár, Eszter; Plangár, Imola; Kassai, Ferenc; Gyertyán, István

• Assessing Oculomotor Function in Rett Syndrome Using Integrated EEG and Eye Tracking Technology. Byiers, Breanne June (1); Symons, Frank J.; Nelson, Charles A.; Elison, Jed T.

• Welfare assessment in wild species: New non invasive methods to measure stress in African grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus). Alnot Perronin, Muriel; Bienboire Frosini, Cecile; Cozzi, Alessandro; Pageat, Patrick

• Monitoring Parkinson's Disease Progression Using Behavioural Inferences and Smartphones. Vega Hernandez, Julio Emmanuel; Vigo, Markel; Jay, Caroline; Harper, Simon

• The Effect of Conspecifics on Auks Behaviour on the Colony Surface. Vodolazova, Daria; Klenova, Anna

• Use of the Visual Cliff apparatus for high-throughput quantification of impulsivity Dickson, Price; Liu, Summitt; Wilcox, Troy; Roy, Tyler; McNaughton, Kathryn; Anderson, Laura; Chesler, Elissa

• Novel method of movement analysis in inverted grid test in MPTP-treated-mouse model of parkinsonism, Palasz, Ewelina; Niewiadomski, Wiktor; Skupinska, Malgorzata; Zylinski, Marek; Steczkowska, Marta; Gasiorowska, Anna; Niewiadomska, Grazyna; Riedel, Gernot

• Justice Stories: Measuring Content and Emotion in Employee Interviews About Fairness in the Workplace. Kelley, Karl Neal; Knapczynski, Emilia A.; Fermin, Katherine Michele; Conlin, Amanda L.

• Novel Behaviours In Traditional Anxiety Tests: What Can Corticosteroid Analysis Tell Us?. Samet, Lauren Elizabeth; McCormick, Wanda

• Group effects on individual foraging in shoals of Zebrafish. Harpaz, Roy; Elad, Schneidman

• Social representations in the mouse prefrontal cortex. Levy, Dana Rubi; Weissbrod, Aharon; Yizhar, Ofer

• How to Measure Relations between Personal Values and Behavior Using Experience Sampling Methods. Skimina, Ewa; Cieciuch, Jan

• Rodent behavior exploration: discover the platform. Laloux, Charlotte; Bordet, Régis; Buée, Luc

• A Novel Automatic and Affordable System for Tracking Social Preference in Mice. Netser, Shai; Haskal, Shani; Wagner, Shlomo

• Altered Open Field and Nocturnal Homecage Locomotor Activity in the Olfactory Bulbectomized (OB) Rat Model of Depression. McAleavey, Zara; Kelly, John P

• Reversing the behavioral phenotypes in fmr1 KO by the reduction of potassium channel, Kv4.2. Lee, Kunwoo; Lee, Hye Young

• Implantable hearing devices in sheep. Agterberg, Martijn; Walboomers, Frank; Beynon, Andy; Peters, Theo; Zwartenkot, Joost; Verma, Rishubh; Smyth, Daniel; Mylanus, Emmanuel

• A method of Measuring of Unsafe Behavior of Road Users. Boudrifa, Hamou; Bouhafs, Abdelkarim; Touil, Mohamed; Tabtroukia, Fatima

• Parking Safety Architecture. Bredero, Maarten Douwe

• What is Trending in Eye Tracking Scanpaths on Web Pages? Eraslan, Sukru; Yesilada, Yeliz; Harper, Simon

• Stress interface inducer, a way to generate stress in laboratory. Diverrez, Jean-Marc; Martin, Nicolas

• Measuring auditory attention in an acoustically chaotic environment using electroencephalography. Brophy, Tom; Neff, Flaithri


There will be a prize of a €320 token and a one year subscription to Nature Protocols for the best poster, which is sponsored by Nature Protocols.

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