Poster session I

Poster sizes will be A0 portrait or A1 landscape.

Wednesday 25 May 2016

• Further Development of Burrowing as a Non-Evoked Readout Assessment for Use with Novel Analgesic Drug Development. Lindros, Kayla; Giuvelis, Denise; Berquist, Ivy; Stevenson, Glenn; Bilsky, Edward

• The Use of Infrared Thermal Imaging in Temperature Measurement and Behavioral Assessment: Effects of Thermal Windows. Thompson, Cynthia L.; Scheidel, Caleb ; Williams, Susan H.; Glander, Kenneth E.; Vinyard, Christopher J.

• Social use of facial expressions in several species of small apes (Hylobatids). Scheider, Linda (1); Waller, Bridget M; Oña, Leonardo; Burrows, Anne M; Liebal, Katja

• Influence of density and environmental constraints on the shoaling behavior of two species of fish. Gimeno, Elisabet; Quera, Vicenç; Beltran, Francesc Salvador; Dolado, Ruth

• Sensor Enabled Affective Computing for Enhancing Medical Care (SenseCare). Keary, Alphonsus; Walsh, Paul

• Uncovering Aspects of Teacher Professional Identity. Passmore, Graham James

• Applying IoT and video image analysis for behavioral studies in endangered species: the European mink (Mustela lutreola) as an example. Villaverde-Morcillo, Silvia; Iborra, Víctor; De La Fuente, Rubén; García-Sánchez, Rubén; Fernandez, Alejandro

• Stratification of Human Anxiety through Biometrics and Pattern Classification. Kah, James; Low, Jess; Lim, Pei; Teo, Swee Teng; Woo, Cher Xu; Wu, Po Cheng; Tey, Frederick; Lee, Maureen

• Using Gait Analysis and Weight Bearing in Non-clinical Analgesic Research. Svärd, Heta; Suominen, Anni; Immonen, Jarmo; Ängeby Möller, Kristina; Stenfors, Carina; Sallinen, Jukka; Holappa, Johanna

• Measuring Activation of The Prefrontal-Hippocampal Network In An Automated Touch Screen Based Working Memory Task for Mice. de Mooij-van Malsen, Johanne Gertrude; Schiffelholz, Thomas; Wulff, Peer

• Web streaming of leaf-cutter ant colony activity for outreach and engagement. Sullivan, Matthew S; Peace, Mark; Pedley, Scott; MMU, Colleagues from

• The sensorimotor test for objective identifying the riskiness of person and the degree of resistance to misalignment activity after error. Murtazina, Elena Pavlovna

• A simplified scan sampling procedure for evaluating behavioral effects of a group intervention. Broughton, Samuel Fewell; Hill-Chapman, Crystal Renee

• Automated and high-throughput zebrafish embryonic behavioral screening platforms. Marcato, Daniel; Gursky, Eduard; Stegmaier, Johannes; Alshut, Ruediger; Shahid, Maryam; Breitwieser, Helmut; Geisler, Robert; Pylatiuk, Christian; van Wezel, Jos; Mikut, Ralf; Straehle, Uwe; Peravali, Ravindra

• Behavioral indicators of welfare of polar bears in the zoo. Vetrova, Angelika; Borisenko, Ekaterina; Kisora, Yulia; Zhuchaev, Konstantin

• m-kaku: An agent-based model for the emergence of seasonal fission-fusion dynamics in frugivorous primates. Dolado, Ruth; Gimeno, Elisabet; Beltran, Francesc S.; Quera, Vicenç

• RumiWatch – An automatic sensor-based measurement of chewing behavior in cows and horses. Werner, Jessica Anna; Umstatter, Christina; Zehner, Nils; Schick, Matthias

• Longitudinal characterisation of gait parameters in the murine P301S tauopathy model of Alzheimer’s disease. Van Craenendonck, Hansfried; Embrechts, Sofie; Ver Donck, Luc; Beunen, Shalana

• Real-time patterns of behavior following nociceptive stimulation in rats. Casarrubea, Maurizio; Faulisi, Fabiana; Caternicchia, Filippo; Palacino, Manfredi; Raso, Giulia; Santangelo, Andrea; Tomasino, Marco; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Benigno, Arcangelo; Crescimanno, Giuseppe

• Standardized Ligth/Dark Preference Test For Anxiety And Stress Research Using Zebrafish Larvae. Alzualde, Ainhoa; Alday, Aintzane

• Automated Face Recognition in Rhesus Macaques Witham, Claire Louise

• Neurophysiological study of attentional and working memory processes in rats: focus on late P300 event-related potentials in the active oddball paradigm. Raeymaekers, Marleen; Ahnaou, Abdellah; Biermans, Ria; Kemp, John; Drinkenburg, Pim

• Quantitative evaluation of oromotor function: A simple and stress-free test for motor behavior. Rabl, Roland; Horvath, Adam; Hutter-Paier, Birgit

• Assessment of feeding behaviors and food palatability in the Domestic cats by using innovative tracking system: TrackLab® . Becques, Aurelie; Baron, Céline; Péron, Franck

• Prefrontal circuits in fear discrimination learning and neuropsychiatric vulnerability, Edward Korzus, University of California Riverside, United States of America



There will be a prize of a €320 token and a one year subscription to Nature Protocols for the best poster, which is sponsored by Nature Protocols.

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