Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for special issues of two journals, Behavior and Information Technology and Journal of Neuroscience Methods. All those who presented at Measuring Behavior 2014 are welcome to submit papers.

Behavior and Information Technology

In depth understanding of human behavior remains one of science's grand challenges. Advancements in ICT has eased sensing and recording problems but introduced a new problem: the interpretation of this "big" data. This is where becomes apparent that tools cannot surpass solutions and can even confuse our understanding of human behavior. With electronics becoming cheap and omnipresent and software becoming open source, these technologies can hardly limit researcher's aims. Although they invite researchers to go from lab to life, they introduce uncontrollable sources of noise and, consequently, increase research complexity.

This call for papers invites advances in methods, techniques and tools that contribute to our understanding of human behavior.

This is an open call, but participants in Measuring Behavior 2014 are especially welcome to contribute, so long as the paper contains substantial (70%) new material compared with the conference Proceedings.

Submission deadline:1st April 2015

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Journal of Neuroscience Methods

The meeting - Measuring Behavior 2014, held in Wageningen - has seen a great number of presentations on new behavioural technologies for animal assessment, and there was also considerable interest in the critical assessment of existing technologies. We here encourage submission of your papers presented at the meeting and seek to bring them together as one stand-alone volume for the Journal of Neuroscience Methods. Both review and empirical papers are welcome.

Submission deadline: 1st March 2015

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