Monitor Blood Glucose Levels 24/7 with DSI Implantable Glucose Telemetry

Speaker: Stefano Gaburro, Ph.D. Data Sciences International (DSI), St. Paul, United States.

Schedule: Thursday 28 August 16:10. Pomonazaal

Glucose monitoring solutions for preclinical research have historically been limited when compared to the options available for human monitoring.  As an example, Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) have been prevalent in human medical applications for years; however, an untethered continuous monitoring solution has been unavailable for preclinical applications.  Existing preclinical methods are generally labor intensive and are limited by stress artifact, sample accuracy, and sampling frequency.  With rodents there is also a limit to the amount of blood that can be withdrawn each day for analytical purposes.
DSI has developed a telemetry implant for rodents that offers preclinical diabetes and metabolic disease scientists a novel solution to obtain continuous, real-time, blood glucose, temperature, and activity measurements in laboratory animals. The glucose sensor is placed directly in an artery and provides direct measurements of plasma glucose.
Scientists now have the ability to:
•    Detect second-to-second changes in blood glucose levels
•    See a complete blood glucose profile not possible with glucose test strip measurements
•    Observe development of diabetes and other metabolic disorders over a period of 28 days in chronic disease models
•    Assess unstressed and freely-moving animals

With the HD-XG, this continuous systemic glucose, temperature, and activity data could also be correlated to independently measured or observed behaviors as desired.

Several studies have already been conducted with DSI's glucose telemetry. Copies of the posters are available upon request.
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