The posters will be displayed for the duration of the conference in the Wolfswaardzaal (next to the Terrasszaal, where the lunch is). On Thursday 28 August 14:10-15:40, their authors will be standing by the posters to answer questions.

# Authors Title
4 Erik Luc Decker and Anja Riber Count your Chickens … Measuring Behaviour using a Series of JPEG Pictures.
6 Maarten Douwe Bredero and Maarten Douwe Bredero TRANSPORTATION SAFETY ARCHITECTURE - measuring senses of safeness
8 Penny Hawkins Guiding Principles for Behavioural Laboratory Animal Science: A New Resource for Better Science and Animal Welfare
9 Francisco Javier Martin Arenas and C. Oscar Pintado Results of the Open Field Test at different light intensities in C57 mice.
11 Katarzyna Bobrowicz and Ryszard Bobrowicz How to measure episodic memory in 12-month-old infants: implications for future research
13 Ryszard Bobrowicz and Katarzyna Bobrowicz How to measure episodic-like memory in rats and cats: implications for future research
19 Marta Woloszynowska-Fraser and Gernot Riedel Local Field Potential – A Link Between Behavior and Physiology
27 Geert Meen, Max Schellekens, Michelle Slegers, Lenny van Erp, Nina Leenders and Lucas Noldus Sound Analysis of Dairy Cows
28 Dietlind Deutschmann, Manuel Parfant, Hans-Peter Holzer, Martin Ebner, Gerd Ivanic, Martin Svehlik and Andreas Weiglein New media supported, child-oriented Pilates as intervention to stabilize posture and to correct postural defects on pupils aged 10 - 12
30 Pierre-Henri Moreau, Valeria Melis, Barry Crouch, Charlie Harrington and Gernot Riedel New approach to analyse navigational search strategies used by mice during a water maze task
31 Barry Crouch and Gernot Riedel Automated Analysis of Spatial Search Strategies in the Open-field Water Maze and Barnes Maze
34 Julius Hodosy, Barbora Filova, Veronika Borbelyova, Janka Babickova, Emese Domonkos and Peter Celec Non-genomic effects of testosterone on social behavior in laboratory rats
36 Veronika Borbelyova, Barbora Konečná, Emese Domonkos, Julius Hodosy and Peter Celec Effects of increased prenatal testosterone on anxiety-like behavior and spatial memory of laboratory rats
41 Maurizio Casarrubea, Fabiana Faulisi, Andrea Santangelo, Vincent Roy, Arnaud Arabo, Magnus S. Magnusson, Filippina Sorbera and Giuseppe Crescimanno Prior test experience produces changes of t-patterns spatial distribution in the Elevated Plus Maze test
47 Tohei Yokogawa, Michael Iadarola and Harold Burgess Thermal response behaviors in larval zebrafish: startle escape, thermotaxis and thermal arousal
61 Consuelo Iborra-Bernad, Estelle Petit and Agnès Giboreau Measuring stock cube uses in a kitchen. A naturalistic approach: grid analysis for the culinary preparation with different ingredients.
62 Vincent Roy, Ophélie Menant, Romain Hacquemand, Katia Rovira and Olivier Gapenne Validation of a behavioral task to study perceptual supplementation in rats
70 Søren Zebitz Nielsen, Rikke Gade, Thomas B. Moeslund and Hans Skov-Petersen Measuring Human Movement Patterns and Behaviors in Public Spaces. A method based on Thermal Cameras, Computer Vision, and Geographical Information System technologies
71 Jolanta Pisarek and Michał Modzelewski Argos observation system. Computer program enhancing observation of classroom proceedings in primary school
88 Pascal Hilber Measuring equilibrium and motor learning deficits during aging with the Elevated Unsteady Board in mice with precocious cerebellar degeneration
90 Serena Deiana, Holger Rosenbrock and Roberto Arban Effects of Clozapine, Aripiprazole and Bitopertin in rats social withdrawal assessed in an automatic social interaction test.
95 Laury van Bedaf, Lieke Heesink and Elbert Geuze Pre-processing of electromyography startle data: a novel semi-automatic method
97 Hansfried Van Craenendonck and Luc Ver Donck Cued fear conditioning: Minimizing ‘contextual leftover’-freezing by maximizing changes of context.
98 Michel Mahieu, Roland Willems and Luc Ver Donck Validation of automated detection of impaired motor function of rats on the rotarod:
107 Luke Bryden, Natalia Gorodetskaya, Janet Nicholson and Anton Pekcec Characterization of Burrowing Deficits in the MIA model of osteoarthritis
108 Alfie Wearn, Anton Pekcec, Janet Nicholson and Natalia Gorodetskaya Correlation of Natural Rat Behaviors in Trait Impulsivity
110 Michael Tsoory, Shachar Dagan, Mike Fainzilber and Nicolas Panayotis Reanalyzing Explorative Behavior in the Open Field Test
118 Elisavet Kyriakou and Johanneke van der Harst Defining Parameters in Automated Quantitative Gait Analysis for Evaluation of Progressive Neurodegeneration in Animal Models of Ataxia and Motor Coordination Impairments
120 Attila Hettyey, Gergely Nagy, Zoltán Tóth, Anikó Kurali, Kata Pásztor, Tamás Urszán, Veronika Bókony and Gábor Herczeg Tracking behaviour in a large number of experimental units
121 Kim Groeneveld and Marie Postma-Nilsenova Combining psycho-physiological and social signal processing methods in health communication: Acute stress detection
128 Matthew Sullivan Low-cost activity trackers for domestic cats and their use in comparing play with free-range behavior.
134 Wouter van der Bijl, Alexander Kotrschal and Niclas Kolm Quantification of predator response in groups of fish
141 Angela Chen, Dorothy Flood, Duane Burnett and Liza Leventhal Water T-maze as a screening assay for cognitive enhancement
148 Giuseppe Manfré, Huu Phuc Nguyen, Valérie Doyère and Nicole El Massioui Differential-Reinforcement-of-Low-rates-of-responding-task performance in a transgenic rat model of Huntington disease
149 Laura Emily Clemens, Damaris Jasmin Franke, Janine Colina Denise Magg, Erik Karl Håkan Jansson and Huu Phuc Nguyen Body weight gain is impaired in rats and mice during automated homecage system observations
150 Erik Jansson, Laura Clemens, Olaf Riess and Huu Phuc Nguyen Careful adjustment of food deprivation levels is important when assessing motivation in obese transgenic animals
152 Troudet R, Michaux A, Hanon E, Lamberty Y, Detrait ER Optimization and pharmacological validation of a set shifting procedure for assessing executive function in rat
156 MR Andersen, P Brisson, PL Hald, D Godtfredsen, S Serafin, and BE Mikkelsen Validation of a Virtual Reality Tool to Test Consumer Response in Supermarket Settings

 Practical aspects for poster authors

The poster boards are 120 by 120 cm, so your poster can be any size that is smaller than that. The posters should be mounted on the first day in the Wolfswaardzaal and will remain on display for the entire conference. Materials to mount the posters will be provided. At least one author should stand next to the poster during the poster session (Thursday 28 August 14:10-15:40).