Mobile data acquisition with Mindware

Schedule: Friday 29th August, 10:00-10:40, Pomonazaal

Instructor resume
Gene Barbanera has five years experience as Product Sales Manager at MindWare Technologies, which includes Customer Training on all MindWare Applications, Laboratory Installations (including International clients), Product Demonstrations, Conference Exhibitions, and Integrated Physiology Laboratory Designs.

Benefits of the tutorial
This tutorial will introduce the audience to the mobile acquisition of physiological signals. These signals will be collected with a portable Impedance Cardiograph (the MindWare Mobile) and will cover HRV, Cardiac Impedance, and EDA. The tutorial will feature real-time data collection with a MindWare instructor as well as an introduction into artifact scoring.


  • Mobile data acquisition
  • High level heart rate variability, cardiac impedance, and electrodermal activity demonstrations
  • Live signal collection
  • Introduction to artifact scoring

All researchers and individuals with an interest in behavioral studies or psychophysiological research. Information will be valuable to all levels of expertise.