Symposia combine sessions that are organized around a specific topic. The symposium chair invites speakers to give presentations in the session.

The following symposia will take place:

Title Organiser
Eye-Tracking, Facial expression analyses, neuro- and psychophysiological reactions in consumer behaviour studies: integration between new tools and traditional ones. Maurizio Mauri, IULM University of Milan
The replicability of measuring behavior Ilan Golani and Neri Kakafi, University of Tel Aviv
Rodent Social Behavior Suzanne Peters and Berry Spruijt, Utrecht University
Timing of behaviour: behavioural changes caused by the ultradian and circadian systems Roelof Hut and Eddy van der Zee, University of Groningen
Measuring effects of neuroinflammation on behaviour  Uli Eisel and Regien Schoemaker, University of Groningen
Dynamical representations of animal behavior – why and how? Alex Gomez-Marin, Champalimaud Center for The Unknown, Lisbon, and  Ilan Golani, Tel Aviv University
Tracking animals in social groups Marc Naguib and Bas Rodenburg, Wageningen University
Smart reasoning systems to analyse human behavior Rianne Kaptein, and Wessel Kraaij TNO
Ambulatory skin conductance Joyce Westerink and Martin Ouwerkerk, Phillips Research
Measuring human behavior in 3D virtual environments Jorrit Kuipers, Green Dino and Tobias Heffelaar, Noldus IT
Measuring eating behavior Agnès Giboreau, Institut Paul Bocuse
Human behaviour recognition from video Remco Veltkamp, University of Utrecht, and Nico van der Aa, Noldus IT

In addition to the above symposia, there will be a variety of other sessions.  You can download the Program Book here. Delegates will also receive a printed copy.