The city of Wageningen, in the East of the Netherlands, with its long tradition of multi-disciplinary applied and pure research in the life sciences, is a very appropriate location for the Measuring Behavior conference. Nowadays the city has approximately 38 000 inhabitants. The international nature of the Wageningen University ─ around 100 different nationalities are attending ─ means that the town has a cosmopolitan feel, despite its relatively small size. 

Wageningen known as the City of Life Sciences and is the central city in Food Valley, a region where around 15 000 professionals are involved in research and technology development associated with food related sciences. Wageningen University and Research Centre forms an integral part of this region and is world class in the field of agricultural science and biology in general. The annual Food4You festival is only one of the many innovative food & health events that are organized in Wageningen.

In 2013 Wageningen celebrated 750 years of city rights. The city was established in 838 A.D. though there has been evidence of human activity in the area some 5.000 years B.C.E. Wageningen received its city rights in 1263. Since then the city became famous as the site of the German surrender on May 5, 1945 which officially ended the Second World War in the Netherlands.