Electrophysiology in Touchscreen Chambers: Considerations for System Integration

Presenter: Greg Prescott, Campden Instruments

Schedule: Wednesday 27th August, 16:20-16:40, Kleine Veerzaal

In order to deliver its full potential, the integration of a behavioural and an electrophysiology system should be considered at all levels of hardware, electronics, software, the animal to the environment and the temporal fidelity with which the systems co-ordinate plus the elimination of artefacts from the electromagnetic environment.
This example of a touchscreen chamber with video camera with either tethered or wireless ephys recording will address the following issues:

  • Weight of ephys hardware for a freely moving animal
  • The difference between Time-Stamping and Event Marking
  • Computing power required and temporal fidelity of data between two PC’s and the resulting integrated data output.
  • The physical fit of the components, including the head-stage and the reward trough.
  • The choice between a tethered and wireless system.
  • Reducing the electromagnetic radiation of the behaviour components and the environment to eliminate artefacts in the recordings.

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