Video analysis

Schedule: Wednesday — 10:50 - 12:30. Dorskampzaal

Chair: Andrew Spink, Noldus IT

Time Authors Title
10:50-11:10 Jan van Gemert, John Schavemaker and Koen Bonenkamp. University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Automatic Statistics Extraction for Amateur Soccer Videos
11:10-11:30 John Schavemaker, Emmanuel Thomas and Anton Havekes. TNO, The Netherlands. Real-time classification of gorilla video segments in affective categories using crowd-sourced annotations
11:30-11:50 Charlotte Burn. The Royal Veterinary College, UK. Social media offers new insights into human and animal behaviour: how to harness them scientifically
11:50-12:10 Oliver Schreer, Stefano Masneri, Harald Skomroch and Hedda Lausberg. Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute, Germany. Coding Hand Movement Behavior and Gesture with NEUROGES Supported by Automatic Video Analysis
12:10-12:30 Justin Mufford, Mark Paetkau, Nancy Flood, Gilly Regev-Shoshani, Christopher Miller and John Church. Thompson Rivers University, Canada. The Development of A Non-Invasive Behavioral Model of Thermal Heat Stress In Laboratory Mice (Mus musculus)